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‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Catapults Past $1B At Worldwide Box Office

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  1. Except that the song was released in* Jan 2004 😛

  2. I think he was alive then to. Just guessing tho

  3. The monitor bezel right in the middle would drive me nuts.

  4. Believe it or not it sort of just disappears.

  5. Where do you put the groceries?

  6. It’s almost like there’s more then one person on either side… weird.

  7. They know who they are, I have no need to prove anything to you, you are less than nothing. The specifics are not your concern. 3 are national companies, 1 local, all can piss off. You can, too. Next time drive your little convoy right into the fucking St. Lawrence.

  8. Why did you take that so negatively. Name The fucking companies. They don’t deserve to be protected by your silence.

  9. Those are plenty tight. A pulse is from something in your check valves. A belt just slips. Probably squeals but wouldn’t cause a pules. I didn’t realize it was that long a video. That sounds a lot worse that just check valves. Maybe a lose piston or something internal. That long hose is definitely an issue but I don’t think I would be that bad. If you can remove it and run it off a hose you could rule out the house as the issue.

  10. Thank you I appreciate it. I’m out working with it for the night and adjusted the belts. The sound is quieter but still there. The belts are shiny on the edges so they need a replacement. That was the only hose I was willing to roll back up when it was hot lol. A little 15’ one. I’ll pull the check valves tomorrow when I get to the shop. It has been months since I’ve checked them. Very much appreciated.

  11. To be a little more clear. I meant your pump pistons. And I meant the intake line for your pump. At that length it looks a little too small I.d. I’m guessing 3/4? It’s not horrible but I be it’s causing some resistance.

  12. No no. One of them brakes it. The other just happens to be walking by when the owner notices and offers his assistance like any gentlemen should.

  13. Also. You want to refill your tank from the top. And you can buy float valves that will shut off when the tank is full like a toilet does so you never have to worry about it overflowing. And I’d put a third valve on the tank side of your 3way there so you can shut the tank off completely when you are connected to a good water source.

  14. As the other guy said direct drive pumps don’t like to suck. Two things you can do to improve it is make your intake line as big as possible. 1.5” id would be good. I run 2” for my 8gpm. And the other is plumb your bypass back into the buffer tank. The way it’s set up now the water from the tank to the washer stops flowing every time you stop spraying. If you run the bypass into the tank the flow of water never stop. It just diverts it out the tip or into the tank so the pump is always getting a steady flow. And additionally you can leave the pump in bypass indefinitely without concern of over heating. Honestly there’s no reason for a buffer tank if you don’t plumb the bypass into it anyways but that’s a different topic.

  15. So there are three problems here. 1. That line is waaay to long. You could get away with that if it was like a foot long. But no where near that. 2 your unloader is built in and recirculates to the pump. So every time you release the trigger the water stops flowing from the tank. When you start again the water has to start moving again and that difficult for the pump to do especially down that long of a hose. And thirdly you have a direct drive pump. Those do not like to be fed from a tank. They require good head pressure and ultimately will give you issues no matter what size intake line you run. And an additional issue is your online filter. You want the glass bowl down so all the air can escape easily. But that’s not going to cause you much of an issue.

  16. I think it’s more like a reverse hovercraft.

  17. Picture a nice big excavator. Now imagine those tracks caked in mud. A zero tip is going to eat through it like nothing else (aside from a turbo nozzle which is just a fancy zero tip) and cut up all the heavy mud so you can get in there an give it a proper wash. It also works great for digging. Some of those big vac truck are just hydro diggers. They cut the dirt up with a zero tip or a turbo nozzle and suck it all up with the vac truck.

  18. Ok, I was confused by the arrow pointing up as if it would pull liquid into the unloader. Thanks

  19. It’s definitely directional. But these things are one size fits all so they give you a couple options for input and bypass but it can only go out the one way. Also. I would like to point out. Even if this did work it would pull chemicals into your bypass line too. So you could end up with a buffer tank full of bubbles and chemicals real quick. Or you’d be running them through the pump if you just have a traditional bypass and that’s always hard on the pump.

  20. I was literally just thinking that the chemicals would have to go back into the buffer, and then back into the pump. I’m realizing the plumbing for a washer can make your head spin, especially for a new guy. Thanks

  21. It’s actually a LOT simpler then you think. It blew my mind too when I first started. I made a ton of brain dead mistakes. But once you get a grasp of what it’s all doing it’s really really basic. Some fittings can get complicated. It took me a few tries to really understand everything but I feel dumb looking back at my old mistakes lol.

  22. From what you show us the only thing I can think is you didn’t slide the quick connect all the way to lock. If it blew out the line it likely blew out the o-ring too so look for it on the ground or get a new 3/8”s o-ring

  23. At the stadium they will check your ticket and your dick. 🤷

  24. Smells a little fishy to me.. but who knows

  25. Just checked the price as I was a bit curious…. $87,000 lolol. Wtf.

  26. 99% of the time when someone drives over 0.08% they do not get pulled over, stopped, or caught.

  27. Not really. When they get away with it they are consequence free. So Id agree getting a DUI would be one of the smallest consequences.

  28. You say this, but this doesn't look like his first rodeo.

  29. It wasn’t his dogs first rodeo either…

  30. I recognized this right away to. This guy is going to end up like is stupid dog the dumb fuck.

  31. My border collie got a hold of a cob, and swallowed half of it whole. Thankfully I found it in time and was able to get him to the vet to throw up. Terrifying experience

  32. This happened to us. Our kid dropped his and the pup swallowed it hole apparently before my kid could get it. Two or three days later he puked it up much to our surprise as our kid goes oh yea! Titan ate a corn cob… it was a full cob cut in two for the kids. If I knew about it I would have been in your shoes. But instead I was unpleasantly surprised.

  33. Did you turn the choke off? If so The you probably put too much oil in it.

  34. Mine came with wheels. So they certainly exist.

  35. You have an air lock. Remove the three caps on the top of the pump. The water will fill everything then seal it back up and you should be good to go. But like the other commenters said direct drive pumps suck at sucking. They like a good 90psi of head pressure or more for optimum performance. It’s mostly because a direct drive pump runs at twice the rpm and water doesn’t like to move that quickly with the stopping and going of each position. So pressure to feed them helps a lot.

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