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  1. My guess would be that it was easier to set up. I'd definitely want to keep the pressure as negative as possible, though, because you can almost guarantee condensation issues with outside air getting in at the temps this guy is saying his input air is (-2c)

  2. But it is cold air fed and PC will heat it, the condensation point raises. You may be thinking cold surface with warm air hitting it? Which would happen to the outside of his case

  3. The condensation point raises, yes, but the amount of moisture in the air is still the same. 90% relative humidity at the temps of his inlet would equate to 11% humidity at 38c. For comparison, the Sahara Desert averages 25% humidity.

  4. You are severely underestimating how long it takes to do things for hundreds of millions of people.

  5. Unless they don't simply compile the results at the end, but rather continually analyze them for the sake of advertising, song recommendations, and making payments to labels. There may be a large number of users, but listening history isn't exactly the most complicated data set to go through. They're also able to parallelize the workload to way more than 1000 threads. With over 400m users every month, I'd guess they have at least tens of millions of threads at their disposal at any given time. I don't know how Spotify works, but I'd imagine they're transcoding everything on the fly similar to the way video streaming works, so taking a few hours out of the middle of the night to make a report kind of trivial.

  6. Oh boy, in that case I would advise you against buying a desk from Ikea for your new computer

  7. this exactly. it really sucks too :/

  8. Large roasters can do this, too. I've got a $30 one I got a few years ago that has a dial that goes between 140f and 450f

  9. I hope that these animations are optional. I'm not really a fan of animations. Any setting I can find on my phone to turn off animations, I do.

  10. Have you checked developer settings? You get a lot of control of them there. I have mine go twice as fast. It makes the phone feel zippy

  11. Thanks for your response. In the developers options settings on my phone

  12. Yep, sounds like you've got all your bases covered

  13. I hope my wife hasn't found my Reddit user name

  14. I have 3 rooms of my house dedicated to food storage, preparation, and consumption, but I don't call it a house for food.

  15. He says he's insecure so maybe it's like taunting an insecure 1.65 meter guy saying he's not 2 metres tall.

  16. Inches is the short one, feet is the long one. 6 feet tall is close to 2 meters. 6 inches is closer to 15cm

  17. Definitely cherimoya. Delicious fruit, lightly sweet with hints of vanilla and citrus from what I can remember. I haven't had one in 20 years, but would love to get some to show my kids. 10/10

  18. Ok now I see. It does look odd, my 2021 cross sport camera does not do that fish eye effect.

  19. I just checked, you have to go in the backup camera settings to change the view and remove the file eye lens

  20. Probably the best felling of all time, being absorbed by the cheese

  21. I worked in a mattress factory, and I can tell you that after the first few inches, it just starts getting weird. A 4 foot tall block of memory foam will let you sink so far down that you'll feel like an old man trying to get out of it. it's also a non-newtonian fluid, so if you jump on it, it's like a brick. The stuff freezes solid in cold temperatures, too. Laying on top of a large block of latex foam is like sitting on top of a bowl of jello. Other, more standard, foam gathers static electricity like you wouldn't believe. I can't tell you how many times I've had static discharge on the metal table at waist level. Guess which part of my anatomy it decided to use as a lightning rod.

  22. I believe they're starting pay is up to $20/hr

  23. You have it backwards I guess. Was using the nail gun with nail pointed away from crotch but the recoil drove the back of the gun into his nuts

  24. That was exactly it; the recoil got em in the end

  25. I've used a "something similar", too. We used them to mark parts on steel castings. Beats the hell out of an old hammer and stamp! Seen a few smashed fingers with that process. With the gun, I've only seen one person smash their nuts instead. Vast improvement. Just don't squat over it when you're using it.

  26. Yeah. I'd be willing to bet that one of your neighbors was using the address to order drugs, and this one was delayed enough that it showed up after you moved in. This is gel LSD. I'd just flush it.

  27. I think if you have to ask, and don't know how to find this information for yourself without asking another person for the answer, you should leave this setting completely alone so that you don't come back to ask everyone how to fix your phone

  28. I do know what they do, but I don't know much about Sprint or what they use on their towers, so I'm asking because I've only ever been an ATT, then switched to Fi right when the Tmo switch happened.

  29. If you're not going to use your own time to find this information on your own, rest assured we'll be here to answer your questions when your phone isn't acting as expected

  30. Ah yes, the traditional “motorcycle powered giant dreidel” how could I have forgotten.

  31. Ah, yes. The celebration of when the people only had enough oil for one oil change, but managed to change the oil in seven motorcycles. A miracle, indeed!

  32. Seems like they could be tourists

  33. That's probably true. Not a lot of people live at the Holocaust Museum

  34. I share my car with my brother, and i found this thing? A little considering, so I just wanted to know.

  35. That's a relief. For a second, I thought I was going to have to say "the reason for your divorce"

  36. Even vaginally, i figure turning them around would just make raping even easier. No worrying about being bitten or screaming in your ear, her only defenses at that point.

  37. So maybe that was the point. They only tried preventing rape by crossing the legs. They encouraged it when they turned them around.

  38. Weight distribution gave me a good chuckle. Ty

  39. Maybe they're hauling five 5' 4x4s in the back?

  40. No it's just to put under the front jackstands when you're feeling lazy and don't want to crank them down as far.

  41. Yeah, there's a few instances where they'd be necessary, but they're generally so few and far between that it's really down to a driver feeling the effort of placing the wood is less than the effort it would take to crank the handle a few more times. Imo, it's way more effort to get that wood underneath, but some of these drivers are something else.

  42. I don't think so. Based on (ahem) decades of experience it's only really one component of that stuff that actually stains. This looks too homogeneous. A cheap UV light from eBay is worth having for situations like this to put your mind at rest.

  43. I'd agree. It'll take an enormous load of jizz to stain like that. Your dad doesn't have a unique last name, does he? Something like "Hammer", "Long", or "Hard"?

  44. Yeah, definitely this. I recognize that skyline from the middle of the Pacific ocean

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