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  1. "Fallout 76? I never even finished Fallout 4." "That's ok, neither did Bethesda."

  2. there are hundred thousands of them on every prod

  3. She looks like she has a super crazy sex

  4. No you can't not have a side chick, and an appetizer chick, and a entree chick, and a dessert chick

  5. when yours is the best all others are obsolete

  6. Nah, the pink dress = 4 naked hoes. So 1 hoe + pink dress = 5 naked hoes

  7. Few things are good government spending, but transportation infrastructure is probably one of them.

  8. Wait until they see Hell’s Kitchen

  9. His trophy wife that is…

  10. i think iphone security is pretty good

  11. I'm with ya cap'n, till the bitter end

  12. Yes, we wouldn't want them to be hooked on drugs after they die

  13. It's Austria who won. Not Australia, who was invited to perform for the first time this year as a guest.


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