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Boston Hospital refuses heart transplant for man after he refuses to be vaccinated

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  1. If there’s a war in Europe, where will the money go to be safe?

  2. Yep, gonna disappoint after Christmas that included a new iPhone launch.

  3. Stock price is only one aspect of an option contract’s price.

  4. Can we just settle on kudlow being the most consistently wrongest man now?

  5. He's no Jimmy Chill, that's for sure

  6. Doctor screams "My new poooooooorsche!"

  7. But they're allied with regional power, Cuba.

  8. The rock is at his best when he gets to play the rock.

  9. 100 portions of uranium oatmeal is probably more expensive than 1.85 million $. Shouldn't have renegotiated.

  10. Group of mentally impaired settlement group arrested Tuesday, after being caught attempting to sell highly, highly enriched oatmeal to Iranian intelligence agents.

  11. Its better than their first offer, which was 6 free boxes of oatmeal.

  12. I think that's the point GameStunts were making - only reason to buy ARM is fuck everyone else, like Apple did in 90s, no matter what contracts exist.

  13. Basically what Oracle tried to do when they bought Java.

  14. Oracle did more than that. It bought the hardware and supporting infrastructure software side of the business to try to market Oracle database clusters from cradle to grave as well own it's biggest competitor that happened to be FOSS, MySQL. Java was just a bonus.

  15. Right but we're talking about Nvidia's potential actions after buying a hardware architecture for executing software, which Java also is, albeit "virtual".

  16. It makes sense, his immune system would be basically gone after the transplant due to the anti rejection meds, covid could absolutely kill him, anything could kill him. It'd be stupid to not give a valuable resource like a heart to someone who is willing to take steps to protect themselves from something like that.

  17. Isn't your immune system usually what kills you with covid?

  18. I think you mean the cytokine storm? I honestly dont know how the vaccine works with that or how it happens with covid. Maybe someone else can explain it to us!

  19. Absolute money maker for CNBC, hopefully they’re fucking him some way

  20. I bet he's getting hooked up by his hedge fund bros anyway.

  21. You really think Nintendo's lawyers don't know about it?


  23. Except at the end of the day you are just getting the instructions to take a rom and do it from my understanding. None of nintendo’s code is being distributed.

  24. Wow you must be a lawyer AND a programmer! /s

  25. Gonna need some proof of that. That's a bold claim.

  26. Does that mean if we start eating koala shit. We will be able to eat eucalyptus leaves?

  27. Does that mean if you eat koala shit, you could later eat and digest Eucalyptus leaves?

  28. KoalaMan would have a bizarre origin story.

  29. Yeah I’m just trying to laugh at memes here

  30. When I was a developer, one of my jobs was to try to think of the dumbest, stupidest things a user might try to do, and counter-program against them. Seriously, was paid to have blond moments...

  31. Reading the responses here is actually way funnier than the joke!

  32. Yeah. I thought initially it was just a way to prove ownership whoch I think is a good idea but then it turns out that the NFTs themselves are what's supposedly valuable. It's completely ridiculous.

  33. Just buy it local, so if you get a bad one it's an easy same day return.

  34. 90 percent of all movies made before 1950 has been lost forever. They were destroyed carelessly, on purpose, or simply lost. The Film Registry preserves movies that are culturally significant. Every year, it selects 25 movies that are of special importance.

  35. Although Pixar and toy story basically invented all the tech involved in shrek…

  36. Languages are only interesting if you're doing boring work.

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