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  1. So there are more guns (460 million) than there are Americans (329 million) in America.

  2. Taking an established character that has nothing to do with sexuality and gender and then forcing it onto them is what "pushing it" means.

  3. remember when not rich people didn't defend the uber rich? musk doesn't need you to defend him

  4. You're insults are worse than my 6 yr old cousin's

  5. Idk what the question was but vehicular manslaughter is never the answer

  6. You're right, vehicular manslaughter is the QUESTION and the answer is yes

  7. No no, gentlemen, you've got this all wrong, the question is yes but the answer is

  8. Yeah its 100% possible. We'd just have to face backlash from China and Communist-Americans

  9. Its bad when you just booted up the game and get 360 no-scoped as soon as your feet touch the ground

  10. says an american... famous for starting wars with any country that has a different opinion on how to life. even it self

  11. You Europeans gave us the ideas. Don't blame us

  12. Europeans don't order 8 cheeseburgers for an appetizer

  13. What? Religion as bad or easy for a regular person to be affected?

  14. You're entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to shutting up now before this gets drawn out

  15. AskReddit has just declined lately. I officially joined Reddit about a year ago, and that sub was one of the first for me to join. It wasn't the best when I first joined, but I'd rather have that than what it is now.

  16. Yeah there is, you’re not supposed to be an idiot with it but knowing how a lot of American Christians are they pick and choose what to follow

  17. I wouldn't say most American Christians. Some, definitely, but not most.

  18. Personally I think football is slowly on it’s way out, I don’t know any parents in the new generation that want their kids to play American football. Too worried about long term damage.

  19. 100% agree. I just hope that we don't start becoming one of the worst

  20. Basically you are saying that we do not know everything about consciousness and how it works so it is not wise to make assumptions?

  21. Don't think there is anyone who was able to maintain consciousness after having their brain removed. Serious brain injuries to various regions alter consciousness

  22. I'd consider myself religious but I can understand the athiests who hate on religion because of anti-vaxxers

  23. Neither of us has any solid data, but I sincerely doubt it's that low. I could be wrong about it being 100/100, but it's 99/100 at least

  24. You are technically correct, but in reality if you talk to someone who blanket refuses to date trans people, 100 times out of 100 you will find that they are transphobic.

  25. Yes, but those two don't correlate as much as you think. I'd give it a good 75/100, but there are still times when people don't want to date trans people because they just aren't into it. People preach about how attraction is important until it someone says they aren't attracted to trans people

  26. Quote which part I said anything about telling kids they need to be trans

  27. Quote which part I said that you said we should tell kids they need to be trans

  28. Funny, I don't remember ever implying that you said that.

  29. I think it should be based on IQ and cognitive activity like you said. The reason for IQ is because some people over 70 who have good cognitive ability could possibly be unintelligent. So if you are under a certain IQ (80?), you can't run, even if you have good cognitive ability.

  30. Mostly because Christianity already did it from 300 to 1600 AD ?

  31. You're forgetting that Muslims are to blame for the Crusades too, you know. Heck, they started them.

  32. ok and? why should i care where they go when they are running my and other people's lives? why should they burn in hell way way after they ruined so many peoples lives

  33. Every religion is flawed because of how its been interpreted by ancestors. Islam, for instance, never says women can't learn or go to school, and the Qur'an actually says that no one should be barred from being educated.

  34. I'm sorry, but did you father just like Obama, or did he.... Like Obama?

  35. He's playing both sides so he always comes out on top

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