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  1. I think it depends on the FA. I've flown roundtrip twice in the past couple of months, and I only got a preboarding drink on one flight. That FA was excellent the whole trip. I wish I'd gotten his name.

  2. That’s actually surprising that you got the drink on just one flight. Of the 12 flights I had since last December, all of them offered drinks before departure. On this specific flight, the purser was very refill happy and kept the drinks flowing through the flight. I suspect I had probably one full bottle of champagne, if not more lol

  3. I asked nicely and a cart appeared (however with fewer options)

  4. Sorry I actually meant they didn’t have sundae. They only had ice cream with some chocolate on it. No options whatsoever

  5. McKenzie-Mueller, mostly Bordeaux varietals, with impressive vertical vintages of Cabernet Franc, if that is your thing. Tasting fee, less than $50, waived for one bottle of purchase (I think, but do check their website)

  6. We have been on both sides of this. Our neighbor in our old house said our hallway light upstairs went right into her bedroom and we got curtains to fix that for her, no problem. Now we have a neighbor who uses flood lights all night long, they do not turn them off ever. We got blackout curtains because we prefer not to talk to them about it.

  7. Blackout curtains really work wonders. My bedroom windows are right below my own flood light. Barely notice the light when the light is on

  8. Maybe my post was not clear? In the past few years ago - while the plane was being boarded and you were in your First or Business class seat you would be offered a cocktail as others boarded, especially for the 25 minutes plus time it takes for economy to get seated.

  9. I think you meant pre-departure drinks. Pre-boarding, meaning before you board, which would mean serving you drinks before you board the plane lol

  10. I’m on vacation in Spain right now, and I’m eating so much of it 🤤 😋

  11. When was the last time you flew? I’ve had menus, both printed and preorder options, on every trip in the last 4-5 months.

  12. The absolute fucking hypocrisy of the US is laughable. Give us back our WMBA player for carrying THC vape but we'll arrest any fucker doing it on our turf.

  13. While it’s federally not allowed, I believe it is state dependent in terms of enforcement, no? If the plane is forced to lend in a state where pot is legalized, TSA won’t do shit. I fly a ton with edibles and other pot products in my carry on, but only between or within states where that is legal

  14. I don’t try to get status I just fly a shitload. I was an AA Admiral or whatever the hell they called it but then United options got much better since I’m a DEN based.

  15. And they say for people who fly business regularly, airline loyalty matters less than finding a flight that is priced right and works for your schedule

  16. My realtor went on vacation abroad (like 8 hour time difference from where I am). She managed everything marvelously. Constant contact. Honestly, had she not told me she would be going on vacation, I would've thought she was still in town.

  17. My got my key more than 2 weeks ago, and the thought of all the responsibilities that come with owning a house is still making me anxious as fuck. In my case, what makes my situation a bit more anxiety inducing is that I actually didn't have a rent to pay, so it's unlike a lot of other first time home buyers whose decision is between paying rent and paying mortgage. Prior to owning the house, other than 300-400 bucks of various utility bills (electricity, cellphone, and internet bills), I had no other financial burdens -- I had no debts. Basically most of my take-home money was entirely my disposable income. Now, half of my take home goes to mortgage payment, and then I have to take care of various fixes and maintenances that cost money.

  18. When you bring a puppy home and the excitement wears off and you realize how much work/big of a commitment you just made

  19. Ok my bad, what do you do to get rid of the eggs in this case? Small torch?

  20. Steam? I actually don’t know how you would kill the eggs at a large scale. For clothes, you wash them in hot water and dry them in high heat. For stuff that can’t be washed, there are enclosures that can heat up and you can put stuff in inside to kill the eggs. I also know people living in really hot climates who would leave stuff in their cars and leave their cars outside for a week or something.

  21. Come to the Deep South, where obesity is pretty much the norm. There’s always a plethora of S and XS clothing.

  22. I noticed that in Hawaii as well. Stuff on clearance is usually small and extra small

  23. Why is it a terrible policy? If my work is willing to pay for a fancy hotel room, I’m all for it. I went on a work trip in DC once. There was some kind of congressional event happening, so a lot of hotels were fully booked. I mentioned Airbnb to the person in charge of booking, but they said no. In the end, they got me a suite at a Kimpton hotel for $1000 a night, for a full week, which I was more than happy about.

  24. Because if you're the one traveling they should be willing to pay out for wherever you stay. Sure a $1,000 hotel room is nice but if I can save the company $750 by staying with grandma who lives in that same city they should still be willing to fork out some type of stipend. In the end, them being willing to cover those lodging options is a win-win for employee and employer. I suspect the policy is in place to help them keep tax accounting more straightforward but still an 'old' way of approaching that part of business.

  25. I still don't see it as a terrible policy. You get a place to stay, out of your employer's pocket. They can decide where you stay if it is reasonable, and I think it's plenty reasonable to book a hotel room vs. an AirBnB. It's not like they put you in a seedy motel.

  26. Tipping fat makes you less of a cheapskate but waiters aren’t the only people in a restaurant who need to make money. Hard to rake in those fat tips if the restaurant itself is closed because the owner/s found it impossible to square the circle of customers’ demands versus what they’re willing to pay.

  27. Doesn’t matter though. We all make decisions on what is financially sound to ourselves. I absolutely should be able to decide not to order wine if it is too pricy. Not everyone is in a position to squander away money to not look cheapskate

  28. You’re absolutely right—nobody can or should force you to spend money on anything you don’t want to. That’s capitalism, baby!

  29. I actually do think going out to eat is a luxury. In the last 3 months I’ve gone out to eat only twice, and did take out maybe three times. I only go out for special occasions so on those occasions I don’t mind splurging a little bit. I think if a restaurant fails it likely is not for the sole reason that not enough people order wines. There likely will be bigger issues.

  30. I don’t like any trail mix with peanuts and raisin. It’s cheap bullshit low effort

  31. As european, I was scratching my head over those chandeliers with fanblades. There's one fatal flaw I noticed and that's the microwave right above the gas stove.

  32. I don’t mind ceiling fans. They do the job. But I hate most of the ones installed in people’s homes. They are ugly beyond comprehension

  33. I have a list of things I need I’m a descending order of importance. They could be in the same room or in different rooms. But it probably won’t work for a lot of people as they might want to do it on a room to room basis.

  34. My ebike used to take me from DTLA to Culver City everyday in 40 minutes. Same amount as a car considering all the rush hour traffic.

  35. You can make it from DTLA to Culver in 40 min in rush hour traffic?! Do you drive a flying car?!

  36. I didn’t, but the expo line is too far from me. After adding the time it takes to get to the nearest station, the total time is well above 50 min if not longer.

  37. For me, too dark and too much stuff. Also I live in an earthquake prone area, so anything hanging right above the headboard makes me nervous 😂

  38. My pro move is never liking avocado toast in the first place hahahahah

  39. I bet you are basically a millionaire, with all the money you’ve saved from not eating avocado toasts /s

  40. This is OC. It's often not just 250m away. There should definitely be more crosswalks and slower streets in general though.

  41. My friend lives in Pasadena. If she wants to walk to a grocery store that is 3 blocks north of her place but on the other side the street, she (1) either needs to walk on her side of the street that has no sidewalk (essentially, she’d be sharing the road with cars) two blocks north in order to get to a traffic light to cross, or (2) she can j-walk right in front of her house to the other side of the street that does have a sidewalk. So she chooses the safer option of j-walk.

  42. There’s about 26 factors that go into rate including their cost as a loan company. Is this a primary residence conventional?

  43. You will be surprised to know that pretty much all appraisal will come back exactly at the agreed upon price.

  44. My home was appraised at the asking price, which I found to be very suspicious 😂

  45. Not any more. TX to CA. Pros and cons to both areas. CA undoubtedly more expensive but the extensiveness of ‘more’ is highly debatable when considering what you are buying. Non tangibles are hard to price (good weather, immediate access to nature)

  46. Buy stuff in San Bernardino county lol. Sales tax 7.75% I think lol

  47. All the more reason to go remote :)

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