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  1. If its in any way moving, kill it. What is your job again?

  2. I mean, he seems to fit right in with the rest of the 2 star recruiters doesnt he? If hes only got access to 2 star recruiters to teach him, thats what he'll be. Im sure hes a proud shit head along with the rest.

  3. I noticed you said you are in SC. I am too. Why not just wait for the rain to stop? Its only ever rains like that for about 5 min and then passes. Mine cuts out too but really whats 5 min. Prior to that rain it barely drizzled for the last 2 months.

  4. They knew what they were doing when they drew this perspective 😩

  5. Trying to assert dominance over the baby of course lmao

  6. I agree with this quite a bit. I can see why people would be confused by the quote but it makes me think of everyone I know like my dad. Hes very nice and helpful and truthful and everyone takes advantage of it and he has so little to his name because of that. He used to have a lot but he got sick and hasnt had the work he had years ago as a carpenter. So since he cant take care of himself as well, you can bet nobody he helped will be there for him.

  7. I deal with illegal dumping as part of my job, it is an uphill battle. First you need to put up no dumping and no trespassing signs. I know, I know, signs aren’t going to stop these POS, but it helps legally. File a police report and then if you can afford it, put up cameras. Be sure to place them at levels where you would be most likely to get a view of the license plates. I don’t know where you live, but here, unfortunately, if the dumping is on private property and you can’t trace it back to someone specifically, removal and disposal is on the property owner. Good luck to you, Illegal dumping is enraging for me- it’s people being the absolute most selfish, entitled scum they can be and I think when caught they should serve mandatory jail time.

  8. I already had private property signs up 😭 I even had cameras just not this far down the driveway, I didnt think I needed every tiny piece of my property recorded. Im near greenville SC.

  9. So ive been reading some comments, looks like people say i basically have to live with this now. It sucks cause I have signs all over my driveway that says i have cameras! Its just that they're not that far down the driveway... The driveway IS however bordering a large river and pond and the driveway will need a good deal of support in the next couple of years so I could use it for fill in the ground. Even if theres some chemical in the concrete, im about 30ft up from the river so I dont think it would hurt much. Im conflicted x.x id go and buy a game camera for it and I guess i probably should but its come at a pretty shit time! Ill have to put it on a credit card and i hate doing that.

  10. It seems the general consensus of these comments is that Danny and Arin should just play ALL the characters. Im down for that.

  11. Im 28 and started reading the books a couple months ago! 1000% worth it! Amazing books!

  12. First mistake you made was moving somewhere with an HOA.

  13. Just went through this myself recently. I dont recommend emulators, I spent hrs trying to get even one to run the game without annoying sound or graphical glitches and ended up just paying a few $$ to get it on wii u before they close down the shop. Works perfect.

  14. Yeah, ive tried, they didnt respond to my messages and blocked me. Welp. I tried.

  15. Unfortunately, impossible. They live 3 hrs away in another state, i dont know their address since I always met them where I live and they blocked me on the only platform in could contact them on. AFTER I tried apologizing and talking things through. Some people just dont give a shit about forgiveness and moving on.

  16. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of art ive ever seen.

  17. If you dont mind I downloaded to remember it. Id love to commission a canvas of this 💜

  18. Im surprised I have a connection in South Carolina after seeing that map.

  19. meanwhile I have been on the waitlist for South Carolina since feb2021 and been bumped back twice.

  20. I only just got my link and was on the waitlist since feb 21 as well. Guess I just got lucky, I duno!

  21. Healing is fantastic! Only possible with keyboard and mouse in my experience though so I usually stick to dps/ninja so I can sit back with a controller.

  22. I think it’s because the dynamax battle is supposed to be in a den where your character hops in, therefore the standing up because they fell

  23. I suppose the dens make more sense but they keep the same animation for the gym field fights. And nobody else seems to be just standing up.

  24. Down in SC. Gotta say, nationwide outages freak me out a bit. Happy its not just me though.

  25. This reminds me of how I felt a couple years ago when my girlfriend and a friend of ours at the time decided it was a good idea to fill an old bottle of mine with rocks to use as a tree stand for christmas. I found this bottle by a burnt down stone house deep in a forest by my parents house over a thousand miles away from where I was currently. It meant a lot to me and was irreplaceable. When I saw it full of rocks i just couldnt believe what i was looking at. I said to take the rocks out and in doing so they managed to smash the bottle open... After months of struggling with fixing a new home i was exhausted and that broke me down hard.

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