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  1. Fuck you Logano! Squinty-eyed douche!

  2. Good God, Kim Coon is fucking AWFUL today! Bring back Kelli Stavast, damn it!

  3. With all these mentioned I’m surprised to see no mention of the Butch Mock 75

  4. Oh, shit, I forgot about the #75.

  5. Uh, fucking DUH! This is one of the stupidest posts I've ever seen on this subreddit.

  6. I'm curious what number he'll run if Reddick doesn't get forced to sit next year. Maybe Kaulig goes to #32 and RCR takes #31 again, or #33? What do yinz speculate?

  7. I've become convinced based on that joke line that Kyle is a national treasure.

  8. ARCA probably wouldn't give a fuck that the drivers weren't wearing their firesuits.

  9. Pretty sure NASCAR would since ARCA is just a name now.

  10. Man, "Race for the Championship" reminds me a lot of NASCAR Drivers: 360/Nonstop & NBS 24/7. LOVE this style of series!

  11. Could the graphic across the top be any larger or more fucking obnoxious? Not to mention their pylon didn't change driver positions for almost a whole fucking lap. Seriously, thank God FOX doesn't cover the playoffs. Not to mention Mr. "Straining to Shit" as the "voice" of the trucks. Fucking awful, and I only watched these 2 laps! No wonder Camping World fucked off.

  12. That applies to most of NASCAR youtube, at least the people who put out content regularly

  13. True! Very true! I can't stand watching NRF because of how badly he fucks up names.

  14. NasRush Fueled. His voice is also irritating.

  15. “Reasonably certain” doesn’t really exist with rain. Otherwise dry/wet F1, MotoGP, sportscar, IndyCar, NASCAR RC races wouldn’t be so chaotic strategy-wise. How many times would we end up red flagging a race when no rain shows up or we wait an hour before it actually starts?

  16. How did NASCAR blow it? It literally wasn't raining down there the lap before.

  17. You can't let teams pull out back-ups in a points race. Then all the teams would be arguing to pull out the back-up for any type of damage, a blown engine, etc. Get. REAL!

  18. Only if Hammond is on DW's box. /s

  19. Slim to none considering he'd need to buy a charter, and then invest in a next gen car.

  20. If their contracts are with KBM, they'll move with KBM. If they're TRD contracts, they'll be in new rides.

  21. Since I was at the SRX Finale this year, Elliott, Blaney, Larson, Ky. Busch, Bell

  22. Plus, I think that's a Penske number now. Or maybe RC lended it to Penske because that's what Cindric drove in 2021 in his limited Cup schedule

  23. RCR probably still has the license to the #33, and Penske just temporarily used it, with RCR's permission.

  24. Preece is already signed to a deal with SHR though.

  25. I'm curious if Smoke & Gene would ever bring Harvick in as part of the ownership group, instead? Tony, Kevin & DeLana are the best of friends...

  26. Who decides what tracks NASCAR races at? Who decides what track owners they want on the schedule? Who decides schedule length? Who decides track dates?

  27. When the track owners are locked into a contract with NASCAR, the track owner is free to move the dates to any of their tracks as long as the track meets NASCAR safety requirements.

  28. I think it could've continued to be a great two groove track, if ISC had kept sealing the asphalt. They stopped after they bought it from the Sawyer family. I remember races there in the 90s and 00s where the sealer would wear off, causing the groove to widen and be a side-by-side track by halfway through the Xfinity race.

  29. Why not, especially when it's not definitive statement but something like this. To the best of my recollection, DW was the first to say jr was going to drive for hendrick, though he may not have "reported" it in the sense of "this is confirmed/happening", but DW's take was more than mere speculation or rumor (more like, hey this is the deal but I can't say it for real yet). Tried to find this but the best i could find was another (then-contemporary at least, not a memory) poster saying the a similar thing re: DW. see the June 13, 2007 at 8:40 PM comment at

  30. It started when Jr. filled in for Kyle in the #5 at Texas.

  31. Hmmm, I wonder if SMI will offer package deals for the Coke 600 at Charlotte the next week? I'm really interested in getting tickets for the ASR (would make it my first NASCAR race in person), but would be even more interested in going if Charlotte is involved too.

  32. You secretly work for Dirty Mo Media and the DJD, don't you? lol

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