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  1. Oil could be leaking from the VVT spool valve and then subsequently splashing on the exhaust. Common point of failure for that engine.

  2. Try replacing the key fob battery before you go wild with a whole new key

  3. Triton engine is infamous for its spark plug issue, being that the spark plug would size crack or snap off completely in the head. There is entire rethread/extract and repair kit for the head. Depending on how often spark plugs were replaced (if ever) and taking into account you are in the rust belt, please be aware of this.

  4. Definitely. It's the main reason that's holding me back on going for it

  5. I would just avoid the issue completely, but im biased and i dont know if you have other options.

  6. Ahhhh the northstar engine. Mechanics love them. The moment they see you drive in, you become a rolling money sign. Congratulations on a magnificent choice of cars.

  7. As a I stated, I’m new to cars so I really ain’t no want to except 🤷‍♂️. Lesson learned

  8. Just busting balls. Unlucky you hd to learn like this, but i hope research vehicles before you buy them. Good luck to you.

  9. It is all dry above. I read that sometimes plastic bags can just get caught in the undercarriage. I'm thinking that's what is causing the smell. The truck is cooled down so now it's hard as a rock but smooth.

  10. Any other symptom? Not sure what market you are in, in the U.S. i believe most if not all have timing chain. Its a metal chain. What might have happened is your drive belt tore off (rubber degrades because of oil) or a pulley is seized and it tore the belt. Timing issues usually have check engine lights accompany it along with rough idle or poor running engine. Drive belts usually have overheating or poor charging (car turns off) due to drive belt not rotating alternator and water pump.

  11. Air bubble in the system or poor circulation due to bad water pump

  12. nope, that wont cause this code to set on its own. this is a circuit related code, not performance related. the problem is either the thermostat, ecm, or wiring between the 2, most likely a bad thermostat, they have alot of problems.

  13. Valid point but the temperature sensor could pick up the temperature change. Just looking for alternatives do just replacing thermostat housing again

  14. Make sure the engine turns over. I pray to the elder gods that you didnt install a seized engine.

  15. Common issue with hyundai vehicles. Its called the steering coupler. Its a small plastic sprocket that dampens the steering. Its made of plastic so it can absorb vibrations. The part itself is fairly inexpensive. Labor not so much. The steering column must be taken aparart because the steering coupler is located within the power steering motor at the steering column.

  16. You're thinking of the wrong belt buddy. You might right with the price of the belt but labor is a little more due to, well, doing the timing on it

  17. MARK NORMAND BELONGS ON THIS PODCAST. Mark feels like hes been away at war and hes returned home. Flagrant and mark are a perfect fit. He needs to be a recurring comedian. In my opinion this was better than rogan and I LOVE Rogan.

  18. Stay away from anything ford made pre 2010. I dont have many good experiences with ford. Most people mistreat the vehicles making maintenance a hassle and ford uses cheap metal on all their vehicles turning a simple job into a whole day of shenanigans

  19. I don’t agree. My wife has a ‘97 ranger with over 300,000 w/ the 4.0. Uses it everyday for work. Super easy to work on

  20. I think you missed the part where i said most people. I think you also missed the part where i said in my experience lol. Good on you for keeping the bugger alive. Im sure there are plenty of easy things about working on your ranger. Just wanted to give this guy my opinion and experience.

  21. Im not an expert at metallurgy but i believe that once coolant becomes acidic, it reacts eith the aluminum and turns it dark

  22. Removing them is easy. Just try a a hack saw with metal cutting blades. Putting the new ones in will be the read headscratcher. Just replace the hub.

  23. Well if you do that then you can drill it out and stick new studs in there not a mechanic

  24. Had my brakes evaluated and they said they were fine

  25. It seems they grind only when you brake so seems likely they did a poor job of evaluating

  26. Its called the steering coupler. Common issue with Hyundai vehicles.

  27. Make sure the caliper is not leaking. Research the bleed pattern. Just to be sure.

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