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  1. It's much easier to get weed in an illegal state than in a legal one

  2. In the 70s, the weed on Telegraph Avenue (Berkeley) was better, cheaper, and only a 5 minute walk instead of a 20 minute drive. The streetcorner dealers also had this slight aversion to IDs.

  3. I'm confused: Pot has been legal for years now and civilization still hasn't fallen.

  4. Maybe we should use no nock warrants to execute w/o a trial. FAST justice indeed. No recidivism, no hung juries, no liberal judges.

  5. burglary in Seattle is up 87% over last week since police have basically stopped enforcement and they are releasing prisoners. so...yeah, government is failing in some pretty staggering regards around here.

  6. THAT is one F**** H**** of an increase.

  7. Despite the irony, somehow, my sympathies are for the two guys.

  8. Yeah, let's go back to plain old ordinary violence.

  9. The question is legit ---- for an advanced Phd course in philosophical politics.

  10. I went to a Catholic school, and got religion (I'm guessing) less than an hour a day.

  11. Frankly, I think they're just using it as a convenient excuse to smooth out a few things.

  12. Thought they couldn't do this w/o parental permission?

  13. Easy to explain: China is socialist.

  14. You CAN't be so dumb you don't realize you can't get any dumber.

  15. Embarrassment has nothing to do w it.

  16. You didn't read that w your brain turned on did you?

  17. This wasn’t done under the ERPO statute. There was no petition filed. The cops just took a report from the server then went to the guy and told him he had to surrender his guns and license. The guy turned his stuff over at that point.

  18. And black men are just plain used to obeying women.

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