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  1. The game literally said! "I dont wanna!"

  2. you are right the scene which didn't make any sense was that the missile exploded right at his face and he didn't even get any injuries on his face aree face to jane do uske haath pair ko bhi kuch nahi hua

  3. Bruh, vo coma mein rehte hue hi mission pe chala jaega. Thats what I've learned from masala movies haha.

  4. Alright. My disbelief is suspended. Pls go on ahead.

  5. "Padhe likhe hoke bhi aise?" Lmao right back at ya! Kaise kaise log hote hain. Dekha hoga ki ladka chhota hai to thoda apna gyaan pael dete, iske baad air histess ko swagger bbi to dikhana hai.

  6. If u just want the banter, u can check their neebscast or CoC.

  7. Afaik, southies would rather have sanskrit coz its closer to their lang's roots rather than hindi. Before doing this, it would be much better to de-urdufy and sanskritize hindi.

  8. What they did to her wasnt? Be somewhere between an idealist and a realist.

  9. Go to youtube and search "Jaipur dialogues ex muslim" u will get plenty of discussions along these lines. Ye log vo hain jo islam ko jaan gye. Bolte hain jo maanta hai vo momeen, jo jaan gya, vo ex mulsim.

  10. I would say anime saves time overall, if u r a maniac and watch it at 2x speed like me. But to each their own.

  11. I am a maniac like you, i watched till season 4 part 1 + ovas in under 24 hrs

  12. Refresh kro. Vo reddit ki samsya hai iss subreddit ki nhi. Comment ki Notification pehle aati hai Lekin thread mein nhi dikhta. Thodi daer mein dikhega. Abhi dekho jaake pehle wala comment hoga.

  13. Hope mods don't remove your comment because mods remove hindi comments for some reason :(

  14. Na na aisa kuchh nhi hota. Politcal baatein kroge to antrr nhi pdega inglis ya hindi, dono ko hata diya jaega.

  15. Remind the officer of the security guard when u see him next time. Like, "where's that security guard". He'll say dead. Then u can say how what why, thrn simply later on u can say that the daughters better be reminded of the consequences of their actions, and so should the officer, for doing exactly what the general public is scared of them doing.

  16. You really think he cares? Cops assume everyone is guilty, of something if not the thing they are accused of.

  17. How many cops do u personally know that have this sentiment?

  18. I see. Japan works in mysterious ways, advanced in one way, archaic in another

  19. Its not archaic tho. BR are still very much used and sometimes treated as a collectors item.

  20. Oh don’t fret it, it was just nice to see you around still

  21. Ah thought so. U will find most of them on, indiadiscussion or desimeta. Also on discord. Speaks is just plain strange.

  22. It depends on seller. Sellers ship by post, aliexpress shipping or private courier like dhl fedex. Those who ship by post deliver it to India. Other sometimes delivery or sometimes not. Also those same sellers sell those products on ebay. I usually buy from eBay because their money return policy is quite solid.

  23. Ebay is a American app & it's not banned. I got an item delivered last week lmao

  24. Not banned. Then it's prolly highly dependent on seller. I tried multiple times and was never able to get it delivered. Sad, but at least they work here.

  25. First 10 minutes i got 3 jump scares 😂

  26. Did u like the first necro? The one that gets killed by the elevator?

  27. That is the first place says this game doesnt fuck around. Yaar, itna mann hai isko khelne aur stream krne ka! Aur main ghar pe nhi hun. Kal se stomping simulator chaalu haha.

  28. Lmao ok. When a constitution is written in a shitty language such as english, there has to be ONE exact interpretation of each word, regardless of the context. If u dont know why, this is the reason the SC exists. And i dont see any merit in replying to u again, so dont bother.

  29. We do have basic rights. And as I said before there are a lot of things that need improvement. And about collegium's better than government appointing judges.

  30. Yup, if u tell the benchmarks and the criteria u use. Or we can meet in the middle, have a 9 bench court above the SC which will resolve disputes between the legs of democracy. 3 by executive, 3 by legislature and 3 by judiciary. Everybody knows who and and on what basis they are selected. Ez.

  31. This is India bro, we don't accept money from our younger ones. just make sure next time you go somewhere with him. You are the one who pays.

  32. Last part wont be possible unless OP uses stealth and trickery. Cousins wife will be checking on OP the whole time if she figures it out. Thats just how we are made. Cant take money from younger ones. Even in college or company situations.

  33. Hmmm afair, राम in sanskrit and hindi are diff. It must be rama if writing in sanskrit and ram is written in hindi. I think it was called schwa deletion. in sanskrit, u MUST pronounce the अ in राम्(अ). In hindi u dont. Its not ramah. U dont push air out of ur mouth when speaking the ending of राम. And if it would be written as ramah, then it would be रामः, which is already used in some places.

  34. Check all the comments of the second pic.

  35. Check the date of printing. There are only 2 languages on the note.

  36. Dry region ,india isn't really as dry as north america and even their its pretty hard to kill hardware from static electricity

  37. California specifically gets forest fires coz of static.

  38. Mediocre gameplay. Awesome art style. Did not enjoy the voice acting tho. Could ve done better in that aspect.

  39. Did u..... By chance play with the hindi voice over?

  40. Prolly dodged a bullet. I played with the hindi VO, it was "ok". Bad and inconsistent platforming killed all interest i had in this game.

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