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  1. And let's be honest—he's not getting charged with shit. The cruelty is not only the point, but it's the methodology of holding onto power via conservative support networks. If anything, his chances of becoming president just increased.

  2. I live in Phoenix and they’ve been shipping buses of migrants over from states like Texas and dropping them off to disperse density. What’s the difference between Martha’s Vineyard and Phoenix Metro? I think I’d prefer Martha’s Vineyard personally.

  3. They clone their young in there, using our DNA mixed with theirs. If you believe the rumors. This is not the first time they did that, why do you think the Indians worship the cow as well as the Egyptian‘s? According to them that’s where we were born as well

  4. They worshiped them because of the psychedelics that came from their dung that made people feel closer to God.

  5. Waiting on pictures now, but according to the sale rep, any wrapped or tinted parts of the car will also no longer have warranty coverage in case of future parts failures

  6. Seems like if they blame the tail light, they should have proof that the tail light was tampered with. If you didn’t remove it, it should be visible that the thread sealer is intact.

  7. There are tens of thousands of people who purchased FSD years ago and still aren’t in Beta that wholeheartedly agree. Many of them sold the car and never even got a chance to try it out. FSD might be the biggest scam/grift/pyramid scheme in consumer product history. And I say that as someone who stupidly plunked down $10k for it and am in the Beta program.

  8. I’d love to opt into the monthly but Im one of the rare few that actually like to “drive”my car, so I’m not sure if I’m the best candidate… although it would be a great conversation piece. How much would I use it? Probably not enough to see the true benefit.

  9. That’s cool, I wish mine would do that

  10. Try opening up and closing the sonic game and see if the sound sticks like mine did.

  11. How can I reproduce this bug, I want it

  12. From what I take from the thread, open up the sonic the hedgehog game and close out the app. That should trigger the bug as long as you don’t open another game after you’ve closed it out. I’m not completely sure which vehicles or software this is a bug for I’m in the latest software version in my model s.

  13. What’s your debt to income ratio

  14. Plus it’s auto credit. Weighted differently in a credit score. I purchased my first 3 cars in cash and decided to finance the 4th. They said I needed a co-signer. I’ve also had a mortgage since I was 19 and couldn’t figure out why until they showed me where it weighed in my credit. 708 doesn’t mean that when it comes to automobiles.

  15. I’m on the same boat. 2017 MS with FSD. I did the camera retrofit, and scheduled for the MME recall. I asked my SC rep about it and he told me I’d have to pay the $1500 to upgrade to MCU2 in order to get full access to FSD. I thought a lot about it but I decided to do the recall instead of getting the new MCU. My thoughts: I don’t care about V11 FSD is still hit or miss (my opinion) I still have what I like, summon and AP The quality of the infotainment improved quite a lot (not like MCU 2, but good enough for me)

  16. 2017 should have cameras in place right? Mine just needed the mcu2

  17. You sure it's coming from the steering column? I had a similar issue and it turned out to be coming from the gas pedal area. It would happen when I'm stepping on the pedal and doesn't occur when I'm on autopilot. I just put some WD-40 behind some plastic and it went away.

  18. I’m not completely sure, but it doesn’t sound as far down as the pedal. I had an issue similar in an old truck I had and the trim underneath the steering wheel would flip down. I’m not sure if Tesla has anything similar or if this is a little bit more of an intricate build.

  19. In consideration of old trees, wouldn’t we be calling petrified trees from the prehistoric era older?

  20. Drill a tiny hole and shoot it with some expanding spray foam. Not sure if it’ll work but it sure will be fun to see.

  21. Computer rebooted, FYI autopilot did not disable unless you did it yourself. I've rebooted it many many times while driving.

  22. Not true. My autopilot went out the other day for a few consecutive days before deciding to turn back on. I’m assuming it was the latest update.

  23. That happened once before (ms) with the on and off a while back. Autopilot wasn’t disabled though. However, Auto pilot did go out last weekend for no reason and a day and a half later decided to turn back on. I’m holding onto my service appointment but they keep pushing it back (9th to 12th now to 15th).

  24. Cheapest M3 I see is 47K with 89k miles (NO THANKS). For the price of a newer M3 I'd just get a Polestar 2. I don't like that M3s have no instrument cluster.

  25. Battery warranty is 10 years. Try to get an extended warranty if you can. You’re in a clear range for that year for the motors. They tend to go out at either 20k or 200k.

  26. I think it's an MCU1. I'm considering the upgrade. Trying to decide whether to invest more money or cut my losses and sell the car while electrics are in high demand.

  27. It’s worth it. Lots more features. Do you have side fender cameras?

  28. Be sure to rev your engine a lot to intimidate the other drivers on the road.

  29. Debadged. They both have a chrome logo on the hood which doesn’t match the rest of the vehicle lol

  30. Oh, I don’t have an S. I meant on my 3 & Y

  31. Ah gotcha. That makes sense. Did you debadge it or is there not one on the hood?

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