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  1. Unfortunately, there is a strong possibility that the internal framework has cracked. I've just had a similar experience with my 11 month old epic and sent it back for a refund

  2. Love the shape of your pussy the way it curves down to your clit is divine! Bet it looks heavenly when you spread your legs!

  3. Funny I've been referred to as the womb raider! I normally leave treasure rather than take it.........

  4. Looks very much like something to get ones tongue wrapped arround! Very nice!

  5. What i would give to explore that beautiful pussy with my tongue! Great photo!

  6. Looking like that you wouldn't even have to ask! Absolutly no chance of me pulling out!

  7. Great body, please don't mess with it (Unless you are filmingπŸ˜‰)

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