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  1. Im ok with the one banning the Chinese buying Texas land because I aure as hell dont give a fuck about that.

  2. You are not alone. That said, it is less about the Chinese in this exercise than the fact that the GOP is in fact, not the party of no regulation.

  3. Are you down with the GOP? Hell no, not me.


  5. I wonder what ever happened with all of those millions of dollars that Democrats gave to Jill Stein's investigation into the "hijacked" 2016 election.

  6. Indeed. That is the obvious truth. The amount of corruption from ineffectual career politicians is a feature not a bug and the system does not work for the people. That said, currently, only one side is not supporting/fomenting insurrection and national divorce.

  7. The left just committed an insurrection this week. 24+ were charged with domestic terrorism for firebombing the government. Two months back, 6+ leftists were charged with domestic terrorism after being caught with pipe bombs and trip wires intended for the government.

  8. The alleged actions towards local govt from those people are not comparable to storming the federal seat of power for the purposes of stopping a proceeding to elect a president based on an actual conspiracy to commit election fraud and a host of other criminal offenses. Implored to that attack by a FPOTUS no less. To imply such is at worst the actions of a troll and at best uninformed or insincere.

  9. Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government: a how to guide.

  10. He’s failing so bad even Republican are upset telling him to move on, now he wants Manhattan DA Bragg to testify, Jesus Gym what happened to Hunter Biden’s penis? This farce should show Americans Republicans can’t govern, they’er incapable of doing so, this Republican House has produced nothing for the Main Street American, but they sure sling a lot of disinformation.

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