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Boys and men experience more social isolation than girls and women, study finds

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  1. Oh that's unfortunate. Learn to live with it. Young men are the least desirable demographic because you don't have what most girls want:

  2. Ahh I see so you're concerned about what people think of you.. youre not living your life for you then, you're living it to appease others and are worried you'll fail miserably so you stay home to reduce risking your reputation

  3. Well they probably just think you're boring atm. I guess thats a good reputation.

  4. For the love of God whoever gets this job, please add the link to the full video in the description whenever you make clips

  5. In Australia they say “Men don't talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder”. It's the basis for the slogan of the

  6. I would expect it to come from the same crowd that ridicule guys who like big trucks

  7. I see.... But it doesn't just happen with a particular direction of skin tones. People get criticized for changing their tone to anything else, regardless of their initial skin tone. Also the interpretation of the message seems subjective, you can make different interpretations of the action. And lastly, what about the freedom of expression? There might be people who see themselves more "beautiful" with a different tone of skin. Shouldn't it be unrestricted?

  8. Emotional labor is still labor.

  9. This is the definition of emotional labor I'm familiar with. You're literally at work leveraging your emotions as part of the job.

  10. Why not being upset at the 9/10 women that didn't reply to the personally tailored openers (assuming they were somewhat acceptable) and driving him to this strategy? (OP mentioned this in a comment)

  11. im having trouble understanding this analogy but appreciate the feedback regardless

  12. It's not an analogy. They're sharing an observation that when they travel to places where much of the population has never met a black person, they will have some silly assumptions. Like thinking all black people know all other black people. It's relevant here as in your post you said you've never met a black person.

  13. Is this why some women swipe left on guys with shirtless pics?

  14. Girls will swipe right on guys with thirst trap profiles and wonder why they are only looking for hookups

  15. All that AND you’re a cashier?! Real catch right here guys.

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