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  1. Google the Toybox Killer. He used drugs to induce amnesia to keep his victims from reporting him. It is absolutely how certain drugs work.

  2. It depends on the fentanyl dose-narcan only lasts so long and then the effects of the fentanyl could take back over. But most ppl only need 3-4 even with a larger dose. It’s also not always instant-very important to learn about narcan and get some to carry, you could save a life. It’s free, you don’t need a prescription, and it won’t hurt anyone if you’re wrong about an OD

  3. No. Democrats don't want us dead. They are just the worst political leadership in a generation in America. If they found Donald Trump's New York state driver's license inside Jeff Epstein's apartment, the democrats would still fail to get a conviction.

  4. Dems don't want us dead but they also don't seem to want us not dead too badly either

  5. I guess now we know what happens, when health care workers have to do to many 24 hour shifts in a row - they loose their marbles.

  6. Start callin these guys out for the absolute bitches they are. Only pulled it out after he lost. Complete bitch

  7. There is a bit of nuance when it comes to gay ppl and age gaps and whatnot. Super awkward to talk about obviously for many reasons, but I've heard from gay people that back in that time when it was very hard to come out and most people were closeted, it would be common for teen gays to meet older gays outside of their regular life (you couldn't get involved with someone at your high school, for example). And getting sexually/romantically involved with older gays was how they would learn about gayness and get into whatever gay community there was at that time/place.

  8. This sounds like some evangelical shit. You are saying that gay culture was literally just a culture of grooming and abuse....

  9. I don't know how to phrase it in an any more palatable way and I'm just repeating what gay people have told me. Plus, back then, a lot more creepy age gap/grooming stuff happened in hetero relationships too. It's not like gay people all had a meeting and decided to do this, it was a thing due to the homophobia of the time. Gay teens would often want to find other gay people and couldn't find them within their school or community, so they would have to resort to other means. I'm not saying older gay guys would hang around playgrounds or anything.


  11. very interested, thank you for this book! looks exactly like what im looking for

  12. Happy to help! I ask because the most nuanced person I've read on the matter is the anthropologist Jack Goody, he takes Mcluhan and Ong and others seriously while also going in deep on the issue and convincingly arguing against some of their points. He has a ton of books but probably the best one to read about this is

  13. That's an interesting perspective I've not considered. I wouldn't say that America is currently collapsed, certainly headed in that direction very clearly, but I think there will come a point where pretty much all the systems we rely on will grind to a halt and be unable to continue amidst other natural disasters. That's kind of what I'm referencing when I say collapse

  14. Gotcha. But I think the takeaway from the article is that during collapse there is also a lot of normalcy, and the dissonance is jarring. When america gets to the level where me and (I'm assuming) you can't get much food or any healthcare, there'll still be pockets of people who can. Just like how we walk by tent cities today and go on with our lives.

  15. Certainly interesting perspective. Part of me intuitively knows that there'll never be a "moment" where collapse happens (unless its nuclear then oof) but will happen gradually, but it's hard at times separating that from traditional movie tropes and what not

  16. I know! I have a similar problem, I've watched mad max too many times lol

  17. I hate to say it but it's really contextual. Some people would be grateful for the change in convo, some would respond best to joking about it, some might be looking for a serious discussion if you gave off signs that you think similarly. It's really about developing the skill of noticing other ppl's body language and changing your tone or topic accordingly.

  18. Why not just have a public service funded by tax payers to keep streets/alleyways clear of this type of thing, rather than have all this dumb ass litigation that probably costs way more, to then degrade people like this and fine them for petty shit…?

  19. There's so much stuff like this, where the sane, humane option is actually cheaper than the existing system.

  20. Yes ofc, but a common argument against stuff like providing homeless ppl with homes is monetarily based

  21. And look at cernovich, major promoter of pizzagate who also worked with dershowitz against an epstein victim, then tried to play himself off as a journalistic hero. Very sus

  22. This is really pedestrian stuff. You should read/watch/listen to a lot more before thinking about writing on these topics.

  23. As a boomer(M63) I'm embarrassed for my generation and I apologize for my apathy.

  24. There's no threat to them now so they can go back to playing good cop again

  25. How the UK Security Services neutralised the country’s leading liberal newspaper

  26. Bit of baby in all this, but I always had a feeling when I started reading The Guardian that something wasn't right. It was just run-of-the-mill toothless lib shit but I could never put my finger on why. Thanks for sharing this.


  28. Pre-pandemic: Bernie wins several states

  29. This is my big (mostly) blog list that I think lines up with this place. Haven't read all of them thoroughly though.

  30. Yes, he's great! Probably one of the links above that I've read the most. Happy to help

  31. I don't really like General Intellects. Wark doesn't bother to explain the theorists she's presenting, she's just too eager to jump ahead and start giving her own response to them. Starts knocking 'em down before she's finished setting 'em up.

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