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  1. Definitely one of the best new school artists

  2. Alfreds theme, discombobulated, higher, guns blazing

  3. A 7.5-8 maybe. Need to give it a re-listen soon.

  4. King Kunta, Wesleys Theory and Alright

  5. Love game, Bezerk, Baby, Brainless, So Far, Groundhog Day

  6. I never actually beat asylum, I gave up because I got too scared at the killer croc part

  7. 08. It’s one of my favourite Kendrick songs

  8. I don’t know why they feel the need to announce that lol

  9. anyone keeping track on how many albums from this year they've listened to so far? I'm at 57 2023 releases right now

  10. What’s considered Old School? I’ve learned that the term means different things to different age groups.

  11. I’m 20 and I consider old school before around 2005/2006 but I guess it’s probably different for everyone

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