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  1. The really story is what the hell happened to Santa. Those hollowed out, life weary eyes are scary.

  2. The most annoying part of this is the fact that we’ve all thought this was something these eggheads / doctors tried but nope, I guess hubris got in the way? Seriously you guys never studied this??? Until now?

  3. They can all be in their own folders but inside that folder has to be that PS3_GAME.

  4. Ah gotcha, thanks man appreciate the response.

  5. Can't help you there, friend. I'm an Emulation Station guy all the way. The last thing I want is emulation mixed in with Steam. Yeah, I'm one of THEM. :D

  6. Haha, all good, thanks again for the help!

  7. I have PS3 running but it's not showing up in EmuDeck; I can run it by launching RPCS3 directly. I played with rom manager but no luck so far.

  8. Oh so now you’re going to police what people think? Where have I heard this before, hmmm.

  9. Better use is to turn old phones / tablets into security cameras.

  10. That’s a great indication of how healthy your relationship is. I would not plan on too many more anniversaries.

  11. Haha. Downvote… just glad I’m not Married to either of these assholes.

  12. Set the timeline however you want on tech - 10 years or 100 years or 1000 years - and you land on the same spot. All jobs are going to be automated out of existence. Then what? Then how does our current monetary system hold up? At least to start some form of UBI is the only solution I can think of but long term, yeah no idea.

  13. I envy you. I’m 6 weeks in with our new kitten I’ve named Shadow because he hides all day and comes out only at 3am to play while we are asleep.

  14. Apple / Steve Jobs had to be rolling on the floor from laughter when they saw this.

  15. Jobs wasn’t with Apple at this point in time & Apple was probably terrified of Microsoft when this launched. Apple was garbage in the ‘90s & started to feel like Microsoft was gonna annihilate Apple.

  16. I know, that's why I wrote Apple / Jobs.

  17. Fortunately it won’t be limited to billionaires and like a lot of technology is inevitable for all. Sorta like how only a few people had a smart phone and then within a very short period everyone had them.

  18. Yikes, glad I’m not that dude. Drinking is fn horrible for your health.

  19. Annihilation! Annihilation! Annihilation!

  20. Working out, wow it works. What a surprise!

  21. You have to go open Steam from desktop mode. I do the same thing for DS3 and Elden Ring. If they ever get the DSR servers back up I like to invade on it too.

  22. Thanks for the workaround, but yeah that is a FN serious kick in the sack - Valve what's the ETA on a proper fix?

  23. This is naive in about a dozen different directions. The primary issue is that affording manufacturing of equipment was never the problem, it's selling a path of profitability to investors. You're only skipping the salesmanship step by funding directly and risking the loss yourself, while adding a box of added cost and shelf space to the bulky instruments most people didn't care to keep after the fad was over.

  24. I somehow doubt my Xbox DLC would transfer to your hypothetical Rock Box and that would be the biggest dealbreaker for me and most people.

  25. Oh yeah you / I would be screwed of course on the DLC . Personally I would be fine with that, a good chuck of my dlc was bought by committee - aka the group of friends / ex gf liked the tracks. I’d be fine rebuying the actual content I play.

  26. How is this not a movie already?

  27. Looks like he’s on the way to buy a bat to bust up some unions.

  28. Vanilla Sky. The entire movie. Also - any Cameron Crow movie.

  29. How to know if you are an alcoholic- you make shit like this for fun.

  30. Curious if you maybe watched the video? I know it’s all about division and us versus them in every possible aspect of our lives now… but I wonder what the harm is to watching the video? Or at least start and see?

  31. So it’s time for a Prime Directive?

  32. Time to edit those pages with wrong info.

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