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  1. They really flipped the script so it's somehow your responsibility if you're under arrest to talk down the cops from pulverising you. You need to de-escalate because the cops seem incapable.

  2. Looks like there's some hair under that wig, so can't be Elon.

  3. This guy, Nicholas Schock, was in jail from 2016 to 2019, got out and then this happened in 2020. Circle of life...

  4. Hard to believe this classic is 31 years old and nobody's topped it yet.

  5. How the fuck is he famous for two decades but doesn't realise people will just clip the highlights and won't include his weak-ass explanation?

  6. As a Germany glad they lost if they're going to act like that. And MAD props to Japan for defeating the behemoths Germany AND Spain. Much respect.

  7. Exactly, I was going for Germany this tournament but fuck these fans. Seeing how Japan eeked it out against them and Spain...holy shit.

  8. Moroccans in Morocco when they win - In tandem mass group dance and drumming!

  9. Looks like Belgium lost twice, once in Qatar and once in Brussels.

  10. So perverse...US sends Qatar money to keep the Al Udeid airbase there and secure cheap gas, Qatar supports Iran because they also have a close economic relationship. US needs to choose its partners better.

  11. This truly was the golden age of tech nerds. The fashion, the haircuts, the lack of self-awareness. It really took a dive in the last years of the millennium.

  12. I can only imagine it's inexperience with female bodies that makes some people seem entirely unfamiliar with the mons? It's a pretty feminine trait, they expect it to be flat? A sharp corner? What?

  13. Strong Ralph Wiggum "and then I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me" energy here.

  14. Wait, it makes the penis or dick get weaker? Tell us us, which one? Which one?!?

  15. What the FUCK! I used to use a nuvaring, those things aren’t exactly thin especially when they’re folded. What were they doing??? Snapping it and shoving the thing up there??? Literally shoving the folded ring up there??? There are LITERALLY INSTRUCTIONS IN EVERY PACKAGE!!!

  16. It had to have hurt like crazy, and probably can't be just shoved on the first go without tearing, which makes me think it was probably was a sounding thing for some of these cases. One of those linked incidents was on a patient with spinal injury, and the last line of the conclusion suggests it was a caretaker who inserted it...yikes.

  17. Now that we've built a better moustrap, no way they'll ever build a better mouse.

  18. MLK? Nah you more like William Hannibal Thomas, aka the 'Black Judas'.

  19. Crowd seems 20% naively impressionable youth, 20% hopelessly impressionable middle agers, and 60% undercover Vice journalists about to drop an article.

  20. holy shit, among the various attractive women are a couple super nerdy dudes, one of them has a Marvel shirt on, I wonder if that's what's up XD

  21. This guy's seen Kindergarten Cop recently and taken it to heart (

  22. Hey you gotta use a condom, I don't wanted to get 'impregnated (evolutionary)'.

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