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  1. Love the look of the SV2...didn't clock the keytar for a bit, looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Ah, that famous Australian soft power they're always talking about.

  3. Amazing to see how far across the world recycled clothing can go. I remember seeing pics of kids in some African country wearing AFL shirts from the losing grand final team one year. Shame there's no way to wash the print off easily, that could be a nice blue shirt

  4. Normally those t-shirts are for the losing team but were printed as a contingency in case they'd won, so you get some gems like 'Sydney Swans 2016 Champions' and so on. Like an alternate universe.

  5. Whatsapp does have end to end encryption like signal. So, their servers should not be able to see the content of the text messages. Hopefully, that continues to be the case and doesn't become like imessage.

  6. The problem with WhatsApp is how they've implemented encryption. They don't encrypt metadata around the messages (which they use to identify you for Facebook marketing purposes), which makes each party easily identifiable. Not all end-to-end encryption is equal.

  7. While I agree with you on it is never a great idea to trust any of these apps to value our privacy, I have to disagree on some of the other things.

  8. When you write, you bring all your experience to bear on creating a story. Anything you write before 30 is probably not going to have a whole lot behind it, and provided you keep that motivation, you'll get better with age.

  9. Rice worker 1: "Is that naked woman still standing there watching us work?"

  10. 'Anxiety is normal...when you're doing so much coke you carry your own silver straw'

  11. Some great suggestions here but Sunrizer is a must-have for iPad setups, I think.

  12. They're still in stock in certain places...I only got one recently and was instantly thrilled with it, harsh bitcrushing and really nice signal destruction.

  13. That Nova looks surprisingly slick for something 20+ years old. Also I wonder why I almost never see anything from the Nova line - did they not make very many?

  14. I really like my Ultranova, but think I've seen one here in the months I've been lurking here.

  15. It seems Alex Jones and Roger Stone have more in common than I thought. Stone also loved to

  16. Just like they did in all those places where socialism worked out so well. Refresh my memory, where was that exactly.

  17. Sounds like you're just trolling, but in case you're not: there's many worker-owned co-ops, even in the USA, where people have pooled their resources to buy and operate companies and split the profits. Here's a lazy list from wikipedia but there's more if you are actually interested:

  18. Quite the lineup of elektron legacy machines there...lovely.

  19. 'Seize the means of milk production' has a whole new meaning. Hands off!

  20. Most of this is crazy and gross, sure, but it's that last sentence which is by far the most horrifying. Women don't have personhood, in the context of what's happening in the US right now with reproductive rights, is a fucking horrendous concept which some people seem to truly believe.

  21. And if the President is untouchable and can’t be brought to justice…are they really a president, or a king?

  22. One of those posts where you end up asking through your phone 'who hurt you?'

  23. I'm sorry that happened to you, it's shit. You know what's weird is, I don't get how these people who house any enmity against other races exist in a city like Sydney. Do they walk past groups of other races every twenty seconds and spend their days trying to suppress dumb racists comments?

  24. "Or is man too intelligent to ever believe..." - I wish, but clearly some do believe.

  25. This is what the fragmentation of culture looks like. At a time where major television stations are struggling to have anyone watch, it's little wonder that a niche radio station is feeling the effect even more acutely.

  26. Think of it as 61 pedals, all very close to one another...

  27. He's fighting alt-right Christian fascism the same way the satanic temple does. Taking THEIR religious world view to its fullest potential. which they may not like because it would affect them in a very negative way. This is the point of what he's doing.

  28. Right, I get the value of it, but that way of arguing legitimises the idea that 'God's will' should be mandated by law.

  29. While I appreciate the intent, the invocation of God as the foundation for any law makes me uncomfortable.

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