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  1. The Band Rammstein is named after the Military AirBase Ramstein / the Ramstein Accident. It dosent sound like that, its the same. With one difference: the Band made a Grammer-Mistake (extra m) and never fixed it.

  2. Was it a mistake tho? Till sure likes to wordplay using both Ramm and Stein in his lyrics.

  3. Right and in the 70's and 80's police never talked to other departments and never shared with the FBI, which allowed people like Henry Lee Lucas, and Ted Bundy to run amok.

  4. Why is it that each time a family goes to the police and says our teen daughter is missing, these ACABs ALWAYS say NAH. SHE MUSTA RUN AWAY. Lazy fucks. EVERY TIME.

  5. And if young Nigel says he’s happy, He must be happy. He must be happy in this woooooorld.

  6. Ryan Gosling, he’s not ugly or anything I just don’t see how why women fawn over him

  7. Whenever I see these types of posts, why do I always feel like a proud step-mom??? Lol! Cheers to John!

  8. If you use your muscles to resist a force, you will get bigger and stronger until resisting that force is easy and you will stop getting stronger. Progressive overload is just that, gradually loading those muscles more over time to keep getting bigger and stronger.

  9. Cue Arnold voice, “IT’S CALLED PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE!” as I smash all the Knick-knacks in the living room.

  10. Man I'm the same age as you and a couple years back started doing the same. I added pull-ups as well. I have the benefit of always being naturally thin but I was WAAY out of shape after doing nothing for ~10 years.

  11. This is going to sound like a joke, but HOW do you run? My entire life, when I run, it sounds like a heard of elephants stomping through the room, like my whole body is a Jack-hammer. Leaves me sore af from the waist down, knees are killing me, and I usually get shin-splints. When I was young, I wasn’t a big fan of running, but I could do it and recover fine- because it was young! I wouldn’t dare try now. Sad thing is, I never realized I was doing anything wrong until I was at the gym one day and saw a girl running on a treadmill…she was nearly silent. She had the lightest steps and a lengthy stride and it all looked effortless. I literally stared at her with my mouth agape. “The Gazelle” still baffles me when I think about her running. My stompy-ass can’t fathom how it was even possible.

  12. Not a passenger but a pilot. Possibly not even Dallas crash as this photo hasn’t been broadcast on verified media outlets.

  13. This reminds me of the "falling man" picture

  14. Imagine this thing as a T-800 slaughtering your family during the robot take over in the future and then twerking to a pop song afterwards

  15. …With that goofy-ass smile he forces when John is teaching him not to be weird.

  16. I’ve seen a few districts post low-level admin jobs as online or mostly online. (I’m in Region 10 area in Texas, btw) Entry level purchasing, accounting, payroll. Stuff like that.

  17. Again for the thousandth time, we were a small generation that never had any hope of making things any other way than the boomers want it.

  18. But you’re not alone nor hopeless, dude. The gen right after you has got your back if you need it, guaranteed. As an old millennial, I always thought Gen X was goals. So cool. I’m certain that with our powers combined, we could affect change. <3

  19. But it’s not true. We had to wait for millennials and genz to outnumber boomers, which only happened two years ago. I’m 50, it has not been a good time waiting.

  20. Well I agree with that. It’s been a shitty time waiting. Idealistic me says “But we’ve got the numbers now! It’s not too late!” Then realistic me says “Ain’t nobody gonna go vote anyway, so who friggin cares?!” So yeah, I feel ya.

  21. Exceptional: once, in the middle of a 9-hour drive my car had a problem. Had to sleep at s small town and try to find a mechanic the next day, a Saturday. Only open place was a tire shop. The guy said he couldn’t check it but gave me an exception. Turns out it was something mechanical, but simple. He put me in front of the other paying customers, fixed it in 10 min and didn’t charge anything. There’s no obligation in tipping mechanics, neither did he ask for it. I gladly tipped him a $50.

  22. That’s not me punishing the worker. That’s the company punishing the worker. Tips should be paid to reward to exceptional service, not to complement underpaid worker’s salary.

  23. water naturally absorbs CO2. splashing it greatly increases the surface area of the water, which would allow it to absorb more than usual.

  24. Follow-up question: Where can one purchase a gag-ball???

  25. Probably New Fine Arts locally. I got one there but it’s been YEARS ago. Online, I’d go to

  26. What have I told you about saying yeppers?

  27. My husband and I are out of control with that damned catchy song! We change the lyrics to anything that fits: “It’s cold!” “It’s old!” “It’s porn!” “It’s gone!” heh.

  28. Mentour Pilot has a great video about this incident.

  29. I’m so so sorry. My little old man meezer, Simon, departed last year at age 20. He was here for half my life. I still feel lost without him. Sending hugs to you, my friend. I know how you feel. 💔

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