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  1. Thalapathi lifts a body but maintains a poker face. Is he the BOB of Tamizh industry?

  2. Yeah I'd like to know how to do that as well assuming it's not .txt file.

  3. Subtitle files (.srt) can be opened with notepad on windows (or any text Editor).

  4. PK was horrible in pink. What's the need to fight a bunch of goons as a lawyer? Why does he need an ego boost in every movie?

  5. Barty Crouch Jr. (disguised as Moody) threw his name in there so that Voldemort could attempt to kill him at the end

  6. I never understood - why did they have to go through all this trouble just to make Harry touch a portkey? Why couldn't they make his spoon or fork into one?

  7. Voldemort using literally any other wand in the final battle instead of the elder wand. Or somebody else disarming Draco instead of Harry.

  8. I had the exact same experience. I never read more than a handful of books in my life. When I started the HP series, I could sit and read for hours at a stretch.

  9. Champions can easily counter an army of all 3 trash units. Trash is not pop efficient.

  10. What an easy way to earn thousands of likes! You can literally say the most obvious things on Linkedin and be treated like the next Socrates. "It's high time people start to say No to punching dogs" - 1 million likes.

  11. Yeah , it really is so damn annoying to hear people say chai tea , esp when one actually knows what chai is It's almost triggering 😂

  12. Didn't Harry call him Riddle in the final battle? Does that make him a gigaChad?

  13. Govt's initial response to COVID was also similar to OOTP. Fudge is POTUS, Harry and Dumbledore are Fauci and the CDC lady, Voldemort is the virus

  14. Feels like it doesn't matter who the actress is anymore. Vallaki elago pedda role emi ivvaru. Dubbing chesedi kuda aa iddaru mugguru dubbing artists ee. In bob's recent movies, the heroine can be replaced by a lamp/mannequin and you wouldn't know the difference.

  15. One of the best games I played. Normal mode chala enjoy chesa, kani demon bell no kuro's charm mode is too difficult.

  16. Why would you use the word delicious to describe anything other than food? If 'things' are edible food items, shouldn't you say 'delicious things are prepared'? If your friends believe that a person's grammar determines his/her intelligence, they are the dumb ones.

  17. This shit is worse than fanbases of tollywood actors. Take this to Facebook / quora.

  18. Inta ghoramaina movie ela teesado artham kale. Past ki velle mundu Chala buildup istaru SS Roy gurinchi - Chala pedda writer ani. Kani past ki 90% of the time valla bokka love story chudalsi vachindi. Present time lo love story kuda complete waste of time. Asalu enduku manaki ee resurrections, half baked science fiction. Oka history movie ani chepte motham history meedane focus cheyyali. The movie tried to cover all genres, and tried to be a complete family entertainer.

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