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  1. And Spotify will kill the potential profits for 119,000 of them.

  2. 99.9% of these uploads don’t have potential profits to kill

  3. That’s an interesting take. You feel that only .01 of artists have a shot? That might be accurate.

  4. It seems small but if you assume each upload is a 10 song album (likely not) that’s 12 artists a day, 4,380 a year. I’d say that’s more than a generous estimate for artists that will gain traction let alone earn profit through streaming

  5. Some are saying that Kev is the one on the right (2nd pic) and that he is collaborating on her album. I don't know if it's wave h or not. What do you guys think?

  6. It’s not, it’s Malibu hills

  7. For all those saying it’s wave house, that’s incorrect. It’s Malibu hills

  8. Everything is tuned down a full step so it’d make sense to go for a heavier gauge. But I doubt anyone knows for sure

  9. Kevin is going pop route and MGMT want nothing to do with pop

  10. She’s a 10 but wants to know if she should move to RVA

  11. Are the Squirrels really an appeal for anyone? I've been to two games for corporate events because I had to and have had no desire to go back

  12. What’s the n size for the survey?

  13. Dude didn’t even try to disguise it. How unoriginal

  14. Broadly, I’d say our art, history and accessibility to outdoors (mountains, beach, river).

  15. If this isn’t a shit post, it may be erotomania. you should talk to someone about your experience

  16. I wonder how much of this is an effort to get people to quit via self-selection. It could be worse at a full 5-days in office, but for some folks any amount of mandatory office time is a non-starter. I'd also be willing to bet the number of days required in-office slowly creeps up from here.

  17. Absolutely not. You’d risk losing top performers due to work/life balance change. Companies have no problem firing weak performers. This is not what’s happening

  18. I’ll get downvoted for this, but you’re absolutely right. There are much better ways to bump up attrition without losing top performers.

  19. I don’t think people realize what they’re downvoting. I was simply saying this conspiracy that companies are moving to in office to get people to quit is erroneous and so unsubstantiated. People get so emotional.

  20. I feel like the people who make these types of posts aren’t even fans of Kevin Parker they just love to cling to the idea of feeling hip bc they know a few inner speaker songs. Like am I on the wrong sub ??? Kevin could fart in a mic and I’d jam the fuck out of it.

  21. Add chorus/vibrato and in some cases (Seven) some light fuzz

  22. Having a drink at home. My partner is on the phone with a friend.

  23. Because the city of Richmond uses what is called a combined sanitary storm sewer it gets big influxes of very dirty water after a storm event. The wastewater treatment plant on the south side of the James River is unable to handle all that water at once, so the basin that you're seeing there from the aerial view next to 95 is a holding tank for that water until it can be pumped across the river and be handled at the wastewater treatment plant. It is known as a CSO facility. Because it is taking the city of Richmond so long to separate the storm from the sanitary sewer systems throughout the city, this was the chosen approach to keeping all that nasty water from just going right into the James River below the fall line.

  24. “Just came across my own song” lol lame

  25. 'Asian' is kind of a broad and vague term (as are most ethnic demonyms). Twin Hickory has a large population of people with origins in India, many of whom came to work at Capital One.

  26. Agreed broad but what’s vague about the term Asian?

  27. Asia is large and includes the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East

  28. Right. I don’t see how that makes the term vague unless you adhere to a certain stereotype of what it means to be Asian

  29. Wings of time. it’s prob his best

  30. Heard that. For the sake of the poll if you’re from goochland, you’re from Richmond

  31. "I moved to Richmond" seems a bit broad...if someone has been here for over 90% of their life, but wasn't born here, they get lumped in with someone who just got here yesterday when they're likely more like those that were born here.

  32. Totally agree but for the purposes of what I’m trying to learn, it works to survey this way

  33. Well remember how the episode started. He was pretty much being forced to his death, the entire episode is about Torin’s struggle keeping himself alive and the crab not able to kill the people on the island. The entire episode is about him trying to maintain balance while the crew tries to kill him so they can unleash the crab. That’s why there was assassination attempts. His crew wouldn’t let him burn down the ship or take one of the emergency rafts if they were alive

  34. He kills literally everyone on the ship. How is that maintaining balance?

  35. Read the sentence before that one! Thanks, balance between those two.

  36. Right but there are huge plot holes in that anyway. Like he could have just said guys let’s kill this crab and they would have said ok?

  37. The crazy thing is you're videotaping this

  38. These kids grew up with phone cameras shoved in their faces whenever something vaguely monumental happened in their lives. They can’t cope without it

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