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  1. I'm a compulsive liar and I've lied so much that I couldn't recognize myself anymore so that's what this looks like to me <3

  2. Feeling so stretched to your limit that you aren’t even recognizable, even to yourself. It looks a bit like a candle, but there is no flame and the “wax” is dripping everywhere; burning out?

  3. That’s very interresting, your interpretation works well and you can justify based of visuals hint thats so cool

  4. :D glad to be acknowledged. ur art cool

  5. Makes me think of the artwork for the various skills in Disco Elysium (video game). Well done!

  6. Thanks! I checked it out and yeah it's pretty interesting

  7. Very deep in meaning and a real art, not just decoration. Excellent work/idea.

  8. Yeah that’s true. Everything will be forgotten one day or another

  9. Whoa!!!!!! Cool idea! Gotta say, it freaks me out a little:)

  10. Yeah, making it freaky was the goal. Happy to see that it works!

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