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  1. NTA. While her heart is in the right place, this many animals to care for can lead to plenty of other issues. Maybe she should consider volunteering at a shelter instead of trying to turn your place into one.

  2. Actually lots of people in this thread. Just because you don’t like being an informed person and don’t mind letting biased media jade your perspective does not mean that everyone does.

  3. You need to find more neutral sources and understand that good journalism already does it’s homework to fact check and verify before publishing. If you’re in the US, read news from a non-US source that is much more global in scope.

  4. Actually based on the most recent studies most media is not unbiased. The best is ap news but their ap failures make is hard

  5. You’re right, most media isn’t unbiased which is why I suggested to seek more neutral sources. You’re based in Texas, I would strongly recommend getting your news elsewhere if you don’t already. You also might want to pump the breaks on the amount of “actually” you use when speaking to people. It leaves a bad taste.

  6. “I’m not like other men. Pick me. Pick me!” I can’t take the choice of Zoolander avatar seriously, either. 😂

  7. I know and I’m not trying to shame them or make them feel embarrassed about what they do. I just don’t want someone barking at me, or just acting like a dog towards me. Like I know some people do this in their free time, it’s just not out in the general public if you get what I mean. Like I feel bad for potentially embarrassing them or making them feel like they should stop what they’re doing. I just don’t want to be involved.

  8. NTA. They need to respect your boundaries. They are making you uncomfortable, kink or not, and that is not okay.

  9. ROGERS PLACE IS A TERRIBLE VENUE! The sound sucks, the seats are smaller and cramped, the angle of the 200s is vertigo and nausea inducing… Not to mention the prices to see anything are refuckingdiculous. Parking??? I’ll leave that one alone. Rexall should’ve been kept and fixed up as an entertainment venue and Rexall can have all the shitty sporting activities it wants.

  10. Rexall isn't equipped to handle modern entertainment setups. The ceiling weight load isn't large enough. So if you're fine seeing That Artist with a trimmed-down set, that's what Rexall could offer. Rogers Place can host those big shows much more easily, but I agree the seating, pricing, and parking are pretty awful.

  11. So I could go all the way back and claim to be Black if I have 1% of “African” in my ancestry profile?

  12. I don’t know what that means.

  13. This is hilarious and makes me want to visit so bad.

  14. Completely missing all of the insects, arachnids, and ocean life that are dangerous and deadly.

  15. Is your ps4 account hooked up to the same epic account?

  16. How hard is it to say, "Not today, thank you." ?????

  17. Edmonton drivers should also know that you should use the merging lane/on ramp to get up to speed. I’m sorry, if you’re merging onto Gateway going 60 when it’s 90, I’m going around you if it’s clear and safe to do so.

  18. Everything you listed is misogynistic.

  19. NTA. Your friend walked all over your boundaries by having sex in your car when you asked them not to and spoke for you by saying it was fine her bf and his friends come over without asking you for permission. I would reconsider this friendship.

  20. NTA. Your parents are enabling very unhealthy habits that come across as an addiction if this is how she reacts when her access to it is taken away via controls meant to benefit her.

  21. There’s looking at it as an insecurity, and then there is realizing that it’s another form of self care.

  22. Again, SELF care. If you are doing it to benefit YOURSELF that’s how it should be. As I stated in my final sentence of my initial comment.

  23. It’s fun. We like feeling cute by OUR OWN definition. It’s not about feeling not-ugly for most women who take their time with it. It’s an art to us. edit: sorry

  24. No, I don’t. You must have missed my last sentence before jumping to your conclusion. I said that specific individual came off as insecure when bragging about her 3-4 hour routine that she needs to do in order to leave the house and be seen in public. Any person who says they need to “put on a face” before leaving the house comes off as insecure.

  25. My guess is because property crime is a low priority and would be hard to catch people off a description or a poor video recording.

  26. Not to victim blame or anything but these kinds of crimes are preventable, as well. Just lock your doors at night and don't leave anything remotely valuable in your vehicle. Obviously thieves shouldn't steal shit but if you know they're out there just be responsible about locking your car.

  27. Thing is they take anything. Doesn’t have to be valuable. What good is a lunch bag with dirty food containers and a banana someone forgot to bring inside? Or charging cables? Whatever accumulated junk is in the centre arm rest? Is there some place that pays money for these very small ticket things?

  28. I quite like Twin Otters Pub down in Windermere.

  29. There are so many, but Broccoli hair is the thing I hate the most right now.

  30. Are we talking about the Patrick mahomes look?

  31. Yeah, but think of it without the side fade. All the ones I've seen are shaved to the scalp on the sides with the top left pretty long.

  32. I am stunned I had to scroll this far down to find the Broccoli hair. I don't get it. I don't want it. It's like the Peaky Blinders cut gone feral.

  33. I asked this the other day. Apparently the higher ranking you are, the less players you're going to find to play with. How does the ranking work? I have no clue. It's uncommon that I get into a solo game with more than 45 players. But I get 60 player squads and duos without fail. It's because squads and duos are unaffected by this matchmaking based on rank.

  34. Fall Guys uses skill-based matching though what algorithm is used, no clue. They are modelling the game a lot after Fortnight since the purchase by Epic. So if anyone knows how Fortnight does their matchmaking, it will probably be similar.

  35. NTA. Copyright states (in US and now Canada) by default you own those images even if there was no financial transaction of someone paying you for them. Unless there was a contract signed where you are giving up that copyright the images are yours. You aren’t over reacting, they are stealing from you.

  36. NTA. Sounds like this relationship is better “off”.

  37. NTA, but rehome the dog asap. This is neglect on everyone’s part. The dog literally knows no better as no one is taking the time to train or care for it. All it knows is it has no one or toys to play with, it’s scared, and people are mad at it. This is not fair to the dog, it needs to be in a better environment.

  38. Working at a quilt store customers enjoy gardening, travel, family either biological or chosen is big, volunteering/charity work, and other kinda of crafts like embroidery, cross stitch, knotting and crochet are common hobbies.

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