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  1. The shitty part about marriage is that the best possible outcome is your best friend dies.

  2. When my mom started seeing someone after my stepdad died, she was so scared of being vulnerable because losing my stepdad was very hard and she didn't want to go through that again. I reminded her that pain is always the cost of love, but you have to decide if that journey is worth it in the end.

  3. Esthetician, although I just got my first job using my license since COVID started.

  4. I’m tired of them saying it’s “murder”…. Okay, so what? In some situations murder is justified. Many people would agree that serial killers and rapists deserve murder.

  5. But also... It's not a baby or a person. Not yet. It's potential, sure. But so it's cake batter. With time and the right conditions, it will become a baby. But preventing those things from occurring isn't the same as murder.

  6. I'm of the Conan/Frank Frazetta school of fantasy: if everyone is wearing strings and patches of fur, then I'm cool with it. Equal opportunity battle bikinis. This look is weird and looks more like lingerie

  7. Slightly related but Conan Exiles isn't the worst survival game I've played. It's a little barren in single player but I don't mind that so much. Absolutely worth the download from Xbox Gamepass.

  8. Agreed. If we have minimums then it's reasonable to have maximums too. But then again I'd also be in favor of a basic competency test and recall abilities at all levels of government.

  9. I'd also like to see a basic history and civics test given to all candidates for public office. Something you'd definitely expect a high school student pass but they'd have to get a very high score.

  10. He is the only cat in my house that does this, I know because he will hide my dabs, then watch as I look for them. The containers never are opened or have evidence of him trying to open it and he can’t actually get to the weed. We have somehow accidentally trained him that the dabs is how to control us. He will put the dab in his food bowl to demand second servings, or put it on top of the treat box.

  11. Pixar puts out mediocre movie after a string of critically and commercially successful hits:

  12. Also, going to the movies are at the bottom of people's financial priorities right now. Shits expensive, you've gotta fill your gas tank and put food on the table before you go out to the movies. I'd rather make my own popcorn and stream something new or watch an old favorite right now.

  13. I knew it was a mistake to mix business and uncles...

  14. haha the uncle angle in this episode cracks me up

  15. I love the bit with his off brand toys that Steve is putting away. For absolutely no reason at all, I quote "...and my Smorfs." more often than any normal person should.

  16. They found it!!! So - my husband (“expert traveller”) insisted we get to the airport three hours early to check in. We checked in so early that they put my bag on the flight that was at our gate before ours. It’s being delivered to our hotel tonight.

  17. PHEW! I just saw the whole post and I'm so happy everything turned out okay!!!

  18. Up next is ACOFAS, which is the Hallmark holiday special novella that is mostly a fluff piece but helps tie the original trilogy to the next book. ACOSF follows Nesta's story. Hybern was the main villian in the original trilogy, but there are still some loose ends to tie up and then new plots and conflicts arise as well.

  19. Honestly though, it was really nice to just spend some low-risk quality time with my book friends.

  20. Stock your house with healthy snacks, so when you get the munchies you're reaching for something like an apple or carrots instead of chips if you want something crunchy, or berries for something sweet. Pre-bagging some snacks too can help so that you're not eating straight from the bag which makes it easy to eat too much b/c you don't have a good signal for stopping.

  21. I just say stuff like. "Or the joy of placing them in dumpsters. That is one reality of no abortions."

  22. Or the joy of never having a baby because they were unable to have a miscarriage treated appropriately and effectively and had their fertility irreparablebly damaged because of it.

  23. Trans women are women, full stop. As far as I'm concerned, you belong as much as I do.

  24. I’ll admit that I wasn’t necessarily Nesta’s biggest fan, but I loved acosf because of how much growth Nesta had. It’s so beautiful to see her blossom out of that self-hatred and begin to want to thrive for herself, especially after how much pain she went through.

  25. Recovery and grief do not have straight line healing. You take two steps forward and one step backwards and it would be so unrealistic if Nesta just... woke up one day and made all the right choices. We're all flawed, complicated people and I really appreciate that part of Nesta's story in that book.

  26. I'm so glad my husband and I became stoners together. No worrying about one of us getting upset with the other's vice.

  27. Other favorites: Stanny Tendergrass, Rabbit Ears and Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls

  28. A fellow Rabbit Ears fan, I see. You also have decidedly weird and amazing taste.

  29. If I still worked my old job, I would have needed a hybrid model. That job was too stressful for me personally to have no physical break between work and home. And I did have a couple of in office rituals with some work friends that I made that helped break up the work day that I wouldn't have at my home where grabbing a drink takes 30b seconds instead of walking across the building.

  30. "Francine, I haven't been entirely truthful with you..." followed by "I have the car keys in my pocket you stupid biiiiiiiiiiiiitch." Although its not the quote itself but the delivery that makes those two golden.

  31. My husband has this printed off on his cubicle wall, he's kinda IT Scruffy at his job. 🤣

  32. But it could have given them a widdle owie on their shoulders!

  33. I bet they think they're super generous for offering like $10/hr or something like that.

  34. That's the second worst rated episode of American Dad, after American Fung, according to IMDB user ratings.

  35. HOW IS FLAVORTOWN IN THE BOTTOM 10?! And Irish Goodbye?!

  36. I randomly mutter "Sammy Hagar likes poblano peppers" way more than I should.

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