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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

  1. Do I need to watch other movies to understand this? There's quite a lot of DC animated movies.

  2. As far as I remember, no. It was not connected to the other movies I think

  3. Ah, thanks a lot. There's so much DC animated movies I need to catch up.

  4. Don’t forget Henry Cavil as well

  5. I was watching some video about Zack Synder and there's a behind the scene video with him and Henry Cavil, and it's maybe the first time I saw Henry Cavil looks freaking unreal, likes he's the real Superman or something. πŸ˜‚

  6. This reminded me when I watched Shazam 1 with my sister, first time I saw her I was in awe and I couldn't listen shit what my sister was talking on that time. πŸ˜‚

  7. Tgk sikit je pun dh mencanak, tunggu masa je. 😏

  8. Basically, the reason kenapa orang Yahudi nak tanah Palestin is because of Hitler pergi buat Holocaust (peristiwa pembunuhan bangsa Yahudi secara besar-besaran). Because of this, orang Yahudi hilang kepercayaan terhadap negara di Eropah dan mereka merasakan bahawa lebih baik buat negara sendiri.

  9. Maaf kalau saya nak bertanya, saya kurang arif bab2 ni. Tapi orang Yahudi anggap Baitulmaqdis/Jerusalem tempat suci agama diorang, kalau Holocaust tak pernah terjadi, adakah orang Yahudi akan tetap pindah ke Palestine sebab diorang nak claim Baitulmaqdis/Jerusalem?

  10. Evangelion for me is a 10/10 anime. However, without End of Eva, that score drops down to an 8/10.

  11. Agreed, EoE so much ingrained in my mind, I can't imagined if EoE never exist. I lost count how many times I rewatch EoE just because I wanted to felt that Eva experience again. Trully a masterpiece of a movie to a the greatest ending to a masterpiece anime series.

  12. I feel that sums it up really well for me; a huge part of EoE for me is it gives Asuka completion to a massive character arc, she goes through the absolute worst of it and still decides she wants to come out the other side

  13. As Gigguk says in his video, Eva 02 vs. The Eva Series in EoE is "Asuka last stand". Although I'm not Asuka's huge fans, it's hard to see her character arc not to be concluded with that scene. And also she's the most capable Eva pilot, at least they shows Asuka's true potential in that amazing scene.

  14. Don't blame Marvel on Morbius, blame Sony.

  15. I'm haven't read the manga yet, but if it's a Japanese productions, it wouldn't be Netflix fault.

  16. I'm not sure what happened to the newer version of Google's Messages app is, I can't verified my phone number, it's been month now. It's less of a hassle when using WhatsApp.

  17. Somi looks great when she's spreading her legs. 😏

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