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  1. The scene of Obi-Wan finding out Anakin is still alive could not have been more perfect. The fear in his eyes… just chilling.

  2. Deborah chow’s mandolorian episodes were fantastic.

  3. Second watch and i put on subtitles.

  4. Did reva actually say,”we’ve been looking in Alderaan places”???

  5. I 100% know uncle Owen is alive and has both hands at the start of episode four.

  6. Uncle Owen is incredible. The bridge from Lars’s son and just a few words in the movies, to already a grizzled and canktankerous soul here.

  7. Nine years ago today I was crying because of this scene

  8. I just rewatched it now and I’m crying. It’s a stupid cartoon. Why am I tearing up??

  9. there are several around the country.

  10. Especially if you are 6’5” and 300+ hahaha.


  12. A 24AWG wire that long would have a 2.73 GΩ 3.43 TeraΩ resistance, so you wouldn't get a readable signal off of it.

  13. GigaΩ is not a unit you see everyday. haha!

  14. Also just fyi "at one point our receiving core was hines ward, antonio brown, mike wallace, and emmanuel sanders"

  15. That’s Hines ward and YMC (young money crew)


  17. In AAA he finally put all the pieces together

  18. Hahaha no one but us cubs fans would get this. But this is hilarious.

  19. No one is interested but the tnt website has alternate angles and you can pick one visiting player iso cam. With Steph out, the warriors iso cam is on Kuminga. So that might be neat to watch.

  20. 1995 spurs opener vs nellie’s warriors at the Alamodome.

  21. In Texas, roofs only work if it’s lightly raining? Crazy raining - unrealistic to expect same roof performance?

  22. It’s on The Warriors side, Cuban is hitting some next level trolling of the opponents here, Lol

  23. Kidd asked God to spill a drink this time.

  24. his 19th and 20th point from game 3 was pretty awesome.

  25. this is steph's history with the all-nba team:

  26. This is a huge departure from the Theo era when he said develop bats and buy arms. This is awesome.

  27. That's a retcon. Theo's theory was that pitching was hard to develop so the minors would have to be stocked with

  28. Interesting and thanks for linking the article.

  29. Luke looking out towards the twin suns hits me in the feels every time. It’s such a beautiful moment I don’t think it needs recreation. By the time we meet Obi Wan in ANH he has already processed and accepted Anakins fate. I would like to see that moment, the realization he lived and what he became. May 27th can’t come fast enough.

  30. instead of seeing the twin suns, as a contrast, i think it would be cool to see obiwan, walking away dejectedly, and seeing two shadows cast on the ground... maybe empire theme on sad oboe playing quietly, ominously with a probe droid skating by...


  32. on overdrive, i'm on the waiting list for the kindle version at like 4 different libraries... i may bite the bullet and buy one!

  33. we don't have a cheater cheater pumpkin eater in our history! (oh wait, sammy sosa)...

  34. The problem with that is.... Indiana Jones isn't a holy man and is never presented as one.

  35. it's interesting you say this because for me personally, this was one detail that i liked about this movie....

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