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  1. So sick of these @overthemoon story takeover brides

  2. The Kosas eyebrow gel also gets the rancid smell 😩

  3. My Alix Earle/Marjorie Taylor Greene post got deleted for no apparent reason

  4. “CeLeBrItY dReAm DrEsS”…she’s been trying to be like her for months now, brown lip gloss, brown nails, brown heart. Yawn

  5. There are no “high end” venues that you can get married on a budget like this

  6. I completely read this wrong and thought she meant $2k-$4k like just for the bride and groom lol

  7. Loved Harlots! Wish it wasn’t cancelled

  8. Every situation is different, but I had similar side effects when my dose wasn’t high enough. Would get so tired shortly after taking medicine and felt very sleepy and like the medicine only worked for a few hours. I was at 18mg for one month, moved to 27mg for two months, 36mg for three months, I’ve been on 54mg for six months now and don’t really experience any fatigue or noticeable crash symptoms.

  9. embarrassed to say I’ve been here since whatever day one was

  10. The super tight buns she always wears are doing some damaged to her hairline

  11. thank god this sub isn’t so heavily over-moderated like

  12. Mercedes needs some therapy lol

  13. Any app can be anonymous…she’s so dumb

  14. Omg a caller literally asked!!! The time stamp is 25:45 on todays live show #48. She was super caught off guard lol

  15. Hack playing on people’s insecurities

  16. To clarify, I meant to imply that she’s lying that it has nothing to do with her and that the fisherman got her a premade bouquet or none at all lol

  17. Couldn’t waterboard this info out of me

  18. Didn’t realize she claims she had an episiotomy with Carmen

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