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  1. The workers are trying to put stickers on with greasy gloves. It’s possible but the odds are low. Plus those stickers are cheap to begin with

  2. I got a mcds bag with no shit at least 15 stickers on it the other day

  3. I had quart soup cups the other day with screw on lids for tops

  4. Nope Top dashers get first Dibbs most times ...keep doing that

  5. By "picking up" they meant physically picking up the order. They didn't mean confirming picking in the app.

  6. I didn't think about it happening that way.

  7. The OP was more than likely adjusting to get TD and came up 1 % short

  8. None of those why are you waiting options do anything.

  9. I found that when I reinstalled it only let me select location while using app

  10. I go to the shade spots....and there are only so many

  11. Uber is good at rides and shitty at food. The menus are out of date and prices are way wrong these days...merchants do t give a crap because of what uber makes off it.

  12. So if it was not a meet at door.....did you not take a pic with the uber app?

  13. It's like the algorithm is a cross between Jeff Dunhams puppets....bunba ray and Peanut

  14. I know I declined 6 offers yesterday. Nobody driving 10 miles for $2.50

  15. It’s amazing how so many managers at night wouldn’t have some kind of system in place by now to avoid mixing courier pick up with regular customers in the drive thru. It’s a nightmare every single night.

  16. That's just it ...they don't care if it's busy or dead. They don't care

  17. Tomorrow too busy counting money to worry about glitches

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