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  1. "the animatronic characters here do tend to get a little bit... quirky at night..."

  2. You need to remember that denji a short while ago in the Story eat a cake with his bare hands while Nayuta has most likely eaten nothing to increase the amount of gas she has passed this month.

  3. Nayuta literally keep a monthly fart count in the house, I think she farts a lot

  4. You have 24 hours before the consequences arrive.

  5. Maybe we'll find out next chapter while Yoru is screaming in terror and desperately grabbing at things to throw at Nayuta

  6. "Grab my homework next, bitch, do it. Do it and see how many chains I shove up your ass to make a thief puppet."

  7. “Did you just turn my math book into a toy knife…”

  8. If we kill all the shippers across the sea will we be finally free?

  9. No eren cucker you will (never) be free

  10. since this ship is WarSaw, I demand Reze to be called kurwa, kurwa, kurwa!

  11. LOL I knew this panel reminded me of something but I couldn’t place it😂😂😂

  12. Never open ur mouth that wide gaping open or mfers will turn u to soyjak (real) 😤

  13. She quits the first day because an anon called her a femcel on /pol/

  14. Great, now I'm stuck with the image of lady Houken twerking on the battlefield.

  15. I still don't buy Nayuta is the Control Devil. Reincarnation works in the moment you're born, not when you're 4yo already. I think she's a Fiend, just like Asa Mitaka. Makima took control of a kid when she was in her dying form (a rat?) just like Pochita was a dying Chainsaw Devil and the potoo bird was the dying form of Yoru, the War Devil

  16. Mmm...yes. May we stop being an opponents? I don't see any reason for us to being ones...

  17. I might have been headed with my statements towards your persona...So, I apologize for those.

  18. i have no idea wtf u talkin about but ok…

  19. I think its cute that they count their farts monthly

  20. Looks like a manga of Elisabeth from 7 deadly sins on the beach w a Pamela

  21. I think those are just regular chains, that she sticked them to dogs to not run off...

  22. Thats a weird location to stick them to tho

  23. Shonen mags do have the major demographic of young boys by the nature of its name

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