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  1. This is always a fun game to play! I call it relativistic economics... The first thing to look at is China and its GDP growth performance over the last couple of decades. Remember all that talk of 'Asian Tigers'? of a few years back? That turned out not be a growth spurt and it seems to be a feature of well managed economies at 'that stage of development'*. China's GDP is expected to beat the US by 2030(ish, picked to fit the article) on both the nominal and PPP measures of GDP.

  2. Lol, "Please show respect for these dead bodies that we turned into arts and craft projects and glued to the ceiling by not taking photos of what we did to them"

  3. The thumbnail isn’t a space elevator, rather it’s a mass-driver. One lifts and the other launches

  4. I don't think that's a meaningful distinction with this beastie. I figured the slope was intended to reduce the stress on the cable. So an escalator to the stars, not an elevator?

  5. Space elevators are pure mind toys. Fun to play with, but too dangerous to build.

  6. I get that suspended animation is a fairly boring topic. But linking it to Mars colonization is rather silly.

  7. Fuentes went to Mer-de-Lago to pay tribute to the Grand Dragon of the KKK in his lair.

  8. There is no need to climb all the way! You can take the airship from Ishgard.

  9. Is that what became of Isengard? I think I'm going to see this scenery in a movie soon.

  10. I for one think it is a very good thing! I don't think it is going to happen because Trump should be found guilty on at least one charge that would disqualify him from running.

  11. Come on folks! Even 50 years ago the University was littered with computer terminals. Nooks and crannies stuffed with 'em.

  12. You are probably not legally allowed to share this info even thought they gave it to you by mistake. So be careful

  13. Battery is still pretty expensive, most LFP battery only warranty up to 6000 time of cycles. So if you gonna use it every day, I think you will need to replace it quite soon. Have you check your number yet?

  14. Battery storage costs should fall a lot over the next year. I expect CATL sodium ion is going to eat that market. Getting a license from CATL and setting up shop in Mexico or Canada to qualify for IRA credits is pretty much a can't miss business opportunity.

  15. Sodium-ion is still looking like at lease a couple years in the grid/commercial sector before they release it to us. What I'm curious about is Zendure's "semi-solid state lithium batteries. Have you heard anything about this?

  16. Semi-solid state batteries have hit roadblocks. StoreDot the Israeli firm at the front of that pack says at least 5 years away.

  17. Trump is really, really stupid! This idiotic announcement is proof.

  18. Big Bang Theory did a funny bit featuring 'Mobster Sauce' on a Chinese restaurant menu.

  19. What's the matter with Republicans? Afraid to do their own knife work?

  20. It echoes. The best explanation for this phenomena seems to be that evolution is slow. It takes about 15K years for a mutation to spread through the population. So people, the 'cogs' of history are essentially the same now as at the dawn of civilization.

  21. Rats deserting a sinking ship. Trump is always Trump but now his buddies aren't getting rewarded so they are bailing out.

  22. I read elsewhere that Trump was accusing Letitia James of waging a campaign of intimidation against him.

  23. Then the 400W are the official maximum. Usually one would say 400Wp because that's the peak performance. So at 25°C (panel temperature) with the sun shining with 1000W per square meter, one of your panels should produce 400Wh per hour of sunshine as long as the sun is shining onto the panel orthogonally.

  24. That sounds like a reasonable solution. Rather obviously you will be much higher than 20% extra production due to a sunnier than usual year. Perhaps OP had a less sunny year than usual.

  25. The man needs to go in the dustbin of history.I can't wait to get into the line to piss on his grave.

  26. I'm guessing he goes for cremation. I hear the kids are in favor of putting the ashes in a commercial sized cesspit and charging $20 to piss on him, and $100 to shit on him!

  27. I think those are sweet cured gherkins and not a proper tangy cornichon. I do like the onions done this way.

  28. It’s weird because I have the same jar and it says “Cornichons, baby sour gherkins” so maybe they’re incorrectly calling them cornichons??

  29. That had me checking the pantry. I have a French brand with no onions and they are what I consider to be a 'proper cornichon'.

  30. If a Roman Legion intent on mayhem materialized in Manhattan it would be taken down by street cops in 10 minutes.

  31. This case was always about persecuting political foes. Now Durham should be investigated and charged with malicious prosecution.

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