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  1. I have never understood this approach to nuclear waste. It is like they expect a market for that crap to come into being in a few decades.

  2. Unless you are glassifying on-site. You got anything written about glassifying recently? Last I heard that idea went away 20 years ago.

  3. The concept was essentially shelved at the same time new nuclear was shelved. The glassify and feed into a subduction zone idea works but it is expensive. So expensive that we are giving up on nuclear power.

  4. Donald, The New York 'Don'?, Trump should know the rules: kids are off limit, until you bring them into the 'family' business.

  5. Yep! That's why sheep and solar work, and not goats. I think they have a bug in their physics package.

  6. I'm not a lawyer but that entire case sounds like a poorly constructed house of hypotheticals.

  7. Now they are making excuses for him? The guy stiffs his lawyers on a regular basis. However successful lawyers know enough to stay away from defending shit, the odor tends to linger longer than careers.

  8. This is not going to be terribly useful to you but other folks might find it somewhat useful.

  9. Running out the clock is just gravy. The objective is delay as long as possible. No one will bother to come after you for small stuff since it is not good for a career to be dragging ancient history with you. Next people may be really pissed about your behavior today but are unlikely to be as upset over similar behavior a decade ago, so a lighter penalty is likely.

  10. Isn't that what the frog thinks as the temperature inexorably rises?

  11. “When he grows up, he’ll have a console through which he gets all the porn he needs. "

  12. It turns out that the making and consumption of porn has been a fairly consistent driver of technological progress.

  13. If there is no legal way to decertify the election, then Bannon must be advocating an illegal act. Conspiracy to overthrow the government should be a good charge, bag a whole bunch of scum.

  14. Trump really is a racist! Get this bit "The left is now rationing life-saving therapeutics based on race, discriminating against and denigrating, just denigrating white people to determine who lives and who dies," Trump said.

  15. This approach is just wrong. It ignores what cities do really well which is move people around.

  16. I've spent the last 6 months getting a shot every 8 weeks. Getting the first was hardest, just waiting on availability. Then it's like clockwork. I'm guessing I get a 4th jab real soon.

  17. Call the Wuling MINI EV what you like but I think it is the most disruptive thing I've ever seen. It has better specs than I can legally use in town so why should I spend more?

  18. Even in the EU don't people usually occasionally leave town and often only own one vehicle? I guess since public transit is better you could just take a train and then subway or bus at end point if everywhere you typically go has those.

  19. If I leave town it is either to fly to another city, or occasionally a pleasant country excursion. For the country stuff I prefer the side roads to superhighways.

  20. Instant torque. I'm pretty sure you aren't trading off efficiency for that.

  21. Disinformation is the better word choice. Sometimes misinformation is us just not knowing shit as well as we think we do. Disinformation is actively spreading info known to be wrong.

  22. Is someone keeping score? I know Covid killed a lot of people and that caused life expectancy stats to fall. So now that Covid is preferentially killing off stupid people is the national intelligence going up?

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