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[SPOILER] Kamaru Usman vs. Leon Edwards 2

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  1. Yea if Aljo gets a takedown that's his round if he doesn't finish the fight. Imo probably has the best BJJ in the UFC ATM.

  2. No joke that might be the most idiotic statement I’ve ever heard

  3. This is the worst 20 best fight picks I’ve ever seen, but appreciate the compilation still

  4. Mustafaev better get a damn replacement

  5. Ok a sketchy screenshot and an unviewable private video are your counter evidence. Nice. Wtf

  6. Finally Mustafaevs back, i can’t waittt

  7. Because they’re white. These thugs were white. If it was a person of color- you wouldn’t have these people defending these thugs. Even more so if they were black, you’ll have commenters saying they deserved it or blamed their mothers.

  8. Obviously this is one side of the story, but I hope that is not true. If it is true then, I’m super disappointed in Jimi taking a cheap shot and he has lost a fan.

  9. Jimi even confirmed it. He said it was due to comments made by rakic after their fight over 3 years ago lol

  10. Bet the house on Benitez, holy shit, ontiveros is not good

  11. I think i was the only one who thought he was talking about Rafael Natal at first. Anyone else remember Natal? Former ufc fighter?

  12. I thought Usman had met his match in Woodley. I thought Woodley had the wrestling to defend Usman's takedowns and had more power and precision on the feet.

  13. I was so sure Woolley would destroy usman i put $100 on it lol

  14. Conor being the best striker in the UFC is up there.

  15. He was close to the best striker when he was motivated, once he made money he stopped training

  16. If makhachev doesn’t fight for a title next I’ll never buy another Oliveira ppv

  17. I think it should be gotten rid of or diminished severely. 50% cut is way too much, it makes fighters fight safer than they normally would. Dana says the 50% gives fighters incentive to win, that may be true but that’s not what you want, you want incentive to fight. If they win and it’s a boring fight, we all lose. If this was gotten rid of, fights on average would become more exciting due to fighters not being as afraid to do something that could put them in a bad position. And also, it just sucks. 50% is way too much of a cut. If you have to have a cut, Dana. Make it 10%-20%

  18. Talking about looks, I don't think I would've been able to recognize him if I didn't know who that bald dude was

  19. I started watching the video and i thought Myles’ body was Jeremy stephens and i was like dang stephens looks like shit, then i realized Stephens was the bald one and i was like damnnn stephens looks like shiiiiit

  20. Mairbek Taisumov has also only had 9 fights in 9 years with the ufc. He resigned with them but has fought since the CDF fight. But with mairbek it’s been less injury and more visa and getting a fight problems. Sucks. I’d love to see these guys fight more

  21. Accepting that people have differing opinions about things

  22. They could, but this still disproves the panspermia theory, because we haven't found any R enantiomers in organisms living on Earth that could have been transferred through asteroids to Earth.

  23. It does not disprove that at all actually, you just need to think about it more

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