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  1. i am the only person in my social circle with a positive net worth. if you take my savings minus my debts, i have $40k. that is enough to make me a pharaoh.

  2. Enable 2FA and you won't have to mess with the email. Good security practices are always welcome features.

  3. I like 2FA and use it for most of my financial accounts. But my issue with M1’s 2FA is comparable though - when I set it up, I had to authenticate every login (as opposed to only on new devices / only after x days).

  4. Reminder: $AVGE has abysmal factor loadings relative to its expense ratio. I still recommend $VT, $AVUV, $AVDV. Far more factor loading per unit of expense ratio.

  5. Why are you judging based on factor regression of a brand new fund. Factor regressions are only useful for 20 years+ of data. Way too much noise.

  6. If p values are still valid in statistics, you can look at the underlying funds (it is a fund of funds) to see their factor loadings.

  7. User score is based off how much you have on the platform and your net worth.

  8. How do they know my net worth? Or is it just based on what I tell them for the FINRA questions?

  9. Hot take: I liked it and would recommend it to others assuming they can understand the limited scope of the book.

  10. I have had nothing but terrible experiences with third party recruiters, and only speak w first party recruiters.

  11. Same issue getting spammed to transfer more assets over.

  12. Cheap leverage. I’ve saved several multiples of the annual fee from the leverage alone and it is the only reason I pay for M1+.

  13. Kaiser doctors are trained to always respond with “you should try exercising and getting more sleep” when you tell them you have any ailment short of 5 gaping bullet wounds.

  14. We could also work on bike and pedestrian safety so that it's safe for kids to walk and bike to school. And promise not to call CPS on kids walking to school.

  15. That story about that poor Canadian father was infuriating.

  16. What app is that for tracking your movement w a 3D environment? Sick photos

  17. Start talking to recruiters, but I’d otherwise stay.

  18. Question is what would you have been promoted to? I often find companies who promote at downturn often use it as justification to pay lower wages.

  19. Definitely possible - worst case scenario you get a marginal raise. Get 6-12 months experience and then lateral to another company where you get market rate.

  20. Twilio is probably like 2% Black and 3% Latino. I imagine, when they made the reductions, they made sure that the numbers of folks laid off was in line with their percentages at that company.

  21. Tech companies move heaven and earth to hire more women and minorities. Affirmative action is alive and well in tech. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about and are clearly not at all involved in the hiring process.

  22. Lol the bike advocates of this city don’t want cops to prevent bike theft because it’s rAcIsT. Disparate impact != disparate treatment and isn’t de facto racism.

  23. CXLV says:

    I have “hold for SOS” disabled but I’m still paranoid about this. Is it a practical concern? Always wondered what people think about this just never asked.

  24. The AW makes a loud siren noise as it counts down from 5. You will unlikely activate it accidentally.

  25. Nirvana: TDFs or balanced funds in all accounts, all contributions & rebalancing automated

  26. I think everyone using non-institutional Vanguard TDFs in a taxable account are deeply regretting their decision.

  27. Those numbers are always padded to filter out candidates. Apply anyways.

  28. You will not get fired for performance unless you’re really phoning it in.

  29. When you say large corporation do you mean like a Microsoft/Salesforce/Cisco big etc? Or is a company like Splunk/DataDog/Hashicorp big enough?

  30. Latter is big enough. I’d say 500+ people is a good target.

  31. I created a seperate account for the companies that offer rewards. Funded it with $100 and split the companies equally. By having them in your portfolio you get the credit when you make purchases and you can choose a different account for the rewards money to go to.

  32. It’s pants on head stupid to make us do this in the first place.

  33. Not me. Over $300k portfolio feels bad man

  34. Thank you for the disclaimer, I was going to litigate you for this comment otherwise. Lawyers hate him!

  35. I believe Invesco ($QQQ) has exclusivity rights to the NASDAQ 100. I do not believe there is another NASDAQ 100 ETF that I've ever seen for US-domiciled funds (other than its cheaper Invesco alternative, $QQQM).

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