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[Charania] Breaking: Brooklyn Nets All-Star Kyrie Irving has requested a trade, league sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. The franchise has been informed that Irving prefers to move on ahead of the Feb. 9 trade deadline – or will leave in free agency in July.

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  1. Oh my goodness it's one of these games

  2. One of the reporters (I think Weiss) mentioned that Jackson and Griffin were both really big in the Celtics lockerroom.

  3. Very true, he seems like good company he's always cheering for his mates. My headcanon is that he's got the best weed

  4. I think my fantasy that everyone on the team are friends is a stretch. Understandable though , no way I'm buddies with all my coworkers either haha

  5. Where is Franklin Delano Roosevelt when you need him for a new deal

  6. all it needs is the plastic thing in the middle to keep the box from caving in and it's perfect

  7. If I smell tinned fish, I'm migrating towards it not away from it

  8. Those fried sardines got me intrigued. Normally you see the fried sardine variety in the cheap upright cans in asian markets so I stay away from those but these look fancy

  9. Now that, is a perfect bite. premium sardinillas are always amazing

  10. You remember where the house with Halloween decarations is? On the east side of sanctuary. Check out the back of the building (or its neighbor house?). I think there's also a bag on the roof. Basically just check the back of eastern houses, there will be a cellar.

  11. Learn new stuff about FO4 all the time even after doing 3-4 playthroughs, wow. Maybe just goes to show that I'm a trash gamer LOL

  12. If anything, he is a top candidate for the "Hall of Very Good"

  13. When i was a kid (maybe 8 years old) i was playing monopoly with my grandpa and we accidentally spilt some water on the money. My grandpa said to lay it out on the table and we'll continue the game tomorrow. I wanted to keep playing so i had the bright idea of drying the wet money in a microwave. I took all the money and ran to the kitchen.

  14. I tried to make Mac N Cheese in a metal bowl, with no water when I was like 4. I set the timer for 99:99 according to my mom. Oops!

  15. I would love to see a cigarette like ban put on them. Too much money involved but still.

  16. you just made me realize I haven't seen a cigarette commercial until you've mentioned it

  17. Replay of what started it, Dillon Brooks smacks Mitchell in the nuts

  18. Derrick White has been shown the "Your team failed to stop the Buffalo (Celtics version)" picture and I have no way of showing proof that he enjoyed it

  19. For real? Lmao where or when was this

  20. JT put up 31 on great efficiency in 29 minutes without a single FTA. He was incredible (not to mention his sick lob to Timelord)

  21. and almost sick behind the back dime to JB to save the ball

  22. I've always felt that the section starting at 2:22 was hugely influential to DT

  23. Wheels within wheels in a spiral array

  24. Do you have his 3 from one of the last possessions of the half? You could hear someone say "Kyrie sucks" on the broadcast right before the 3 swished super poetic.

  25. I might still have it I did clip it, if you want I can try to find it later and post it to the celtics sub

  26. The feed didn't broadcast one which is why I kept recording up until the break

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