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  1. We didn't actively teach this to our 18 month old, but he's picked it up already. We always tell him "that's hot, hot, hot" like if we give him some food but are waiting for it to cool. He now frequently will go "hot, hot, hot" when standing near the stove or when he's taking a bath and he wants the water cooler.

  2. Learned how far my asshole can stretch all in a single year.

  3. NOT LIKE THAT YOU AREN'T!! There are still some pins standing. They should all be smoothed out before attempting to install in a motherboard. Otherwise you'll poke right through the socket!

  4. If he has custody of the kids, I think that says everything you need to know about the ex.

  5. Thanks mate, you used my email address. Already got the first apartment listing.

  6. UPDATE: Apparently someone who works for the website saw what I changed my email to and figured out that I was not interested in their services,

  7. She’s white trash for sure, but don’t blink past the fact that she gets to use her white privilege to drop her criminal acts.

  8. It's the epitome of white privilege that you get to be completely trash as a person and still rise to the ranks of US Representative.

  9. I've never wanted a truck and between the Rivian and f-150, now I want two.

  10. The meth high provides a magical land for homeless people all over the country

  11. My lord I fucking hate that tiktok voice with a burning passion.

  12. Reading this made me so glad I listened without sound. That voice is insufferable.

  13. I am having the same issue...any luck with rolling back your version?

  14. No. I sideloaded that version from the other post and still had the issue. I guess we're stuck waiting for an update...


  16. Thanks I may try that version, but it specifically mentions optical connections and I'm using ARC over HDMI 2.1.

  17. At least the buttons are equivalent on PS/Xbox. Nintendo always has to be the odd one out, ffs...

  18. Looks vaguely like an American Benedict Cumberbatch

  19. I've actually heard that oranges were named before the name was applied to the color orange so in that way, it's maybe correct... Can't think of any other mainstream crop (not including the different varietals within the generic grouping) that have a color in the name.

  20. ‘pushes up glasses’ Um, ACTUALLY, black is a shade, not a color. Get fact-checked!

  21. I've never been so embarrassed on the internet in my life.

  22. Not in every slice though. It's a special surprise treat, like the baby in King cake.

  23. In my state you can do an online overdose response training which takes about 10 minutes and at the end you can request 2 doses of naloxone shipped to your house for free. There might be something like that in your state. I just googled "State name Naloxone free".

  24. Roughly $20 bucks where I am. No reason not to buy the generic version.

  25. If I'm not mistaken, Saruman convinced everyone that the ring had been swept down the river and lost, so it was pointless to go looking for it as a ploy to allow him time to go and get it himself.

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