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  1. Really looking forward to watching EEAAO when I get some time, trailer is great.

  2. It’s streaming on Showtime! I adore that movie. I hope you do too!

  3. I honestly thought that came out in 2021, but I loved it. And given Jenna Ortega's pull now, I'm thinking they're going to push her as the main protagonist for the marketing in next year's Scre6m.

  4. Fingers crossed. I did not care for her on screen sister

  5. Xander is the Gemini? Is this because he split in the one episode?

  6. I mean… that’s fair but I’m displeased about it haha

  7. There is a Radiohead circle jerk sub already. Please stop destroying this sub

  8. Joyce Summers. Horrible horrible person

  9. Some sloth in my building used to use pinesol (the floor cleaner) in the washing machine to clean her clothes.

  10. Will his mispronouncing Balenciaga on tiktok make him enough money to start buying the real deal?? We’re gonna make another bahd bahbie

  11. It was hit or miss for me, but the highs were very high tbd. Really hoping it gets a second season.

  12. I couldn’t get into it. What would you consider the good ones?

  13. I truthfully did not care for hereditary as a film but I have the soundtrack saved on my Spotify. It is beautiful

  14. I think 4 is the only one I didnt see coming and thought was well handled.

  15. My biggest complaint with 2 was the script change because of the leaks. I think the original plan was solid.

  16. Jessie Clifton is the embodiment of empathy. I would really like to see an interview of her.

  17. Snowtown (2011), it’s not a fun one but it’s good.

  18. Jesus, that movie was very very interesting but I was depressed the entire time I watched it. I honestly may give it a rewatch sometime soon- maybe when I’m already down.

  19. I was a huge Bagel Bites fan as a kid and when I first saw this commercial I cried because I thought now other people would know about them and there wouldn’t be any left for me lol

  20. I still feel this way when I find a new product I love and haven’t seen it previously advertised

  21. It's not uncommon for landlords to tell painters to not bother with taping, or so minimal taping. They want the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible, they don't care if it immediately flakes off the walls.

  22. Tucker and Dale, Cabin in the Woods, Little Evil

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