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  1. they’re pretty much mainstream now because of tiktok but beach house and panchiko (ik so original) are a couple of my favourites

  2. future funk also. spotify has a whole playlist made for it

  3. it makes the eggshell thicker too and harder to break out of

  4. porche’s voice and over-femininity was just envy envy envy for that whole arc

  5. Watching One piece is turning me into a gender envy mess. Porche is definetly no exception

  6. Where does Monika get all these hands, and should I be concerned?

  7. monika has 2 hands she just wears really big anti dysphoria boxing gloves of denial

  8. in the egg section with all the dairy products past aisle 6

  9. Hi Novi! firstly, cute name!! and secondly do you have the link for this picrew? (if it’s a picrew) it’s super cute :3

  10. or maybe lilac. or lily or daisy. all i can think of is flowers at the mkment

  11. i’m actually really cis so this is super relatable

  12. thank you for the reminder to rewatch scott pilgrim and get gender envy from ramona flowers

  13. The cis male urge to get envy from this picture

  14. Spencers sells a lot of goth and alt style clothing and accessories. They're very LGBTQ+ friendly as well

  15. what game is this? (not that i’ll get to play it… cries in 2011 macbook air)

  16. Cyberpunk 2077, it will probably make your 2011 MacBook explode I won't lie

  17. even if cyberpunk had mac support i don’t think my laptop would even make it past clicking to open the game

  18. when i try using dall e mini it loads for like 6 minutes and then stops working

  19. i cant tell if it’s a hyperfixation as a result of my neurodivergence or a realization of suppressed feelings that have always been there that i never recognized for what they were

  20. for me, before i knew i was transfem (still cis tho), he made me begin questioning if i was bi. transfem me now i can confirm i am.

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