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  1. That’s pretty damn low for 4 hours of work tbh. Consider paying them a bit more. R250 is bag of groceries. People gotta live

  2. It’s still not ideal, agreed. The going rate, so what most people pay is R350 per day though, for eight hours, cleaning big houses and that is obviously even less ideal. We only had a small apartment to clean and she got to take a tea break and leave early when she was done with the work. We wish we could have paid more but we both don’t have jobs at the moment so we had to let her go regardless. If in the future our finances look better and allow it, I’d love to pay more.

  3. It’s not about the number of hours, it’s about what people take home. It’s not like they can easily schedule another job after that. I’ve often been paid less than a days wage for a “half day” but I can’t find someone else to fill in for the other half days money. Idk, I think if people work they deserve a fair wage. I paid my cleaner R250 about 7 years ago. Inflation sucks.

  4. Yeah we did tell her that if she found work for a full day she could take the other job immediately, and once we have paying jobs I’ll hope to be able to employ someone for a full days wage. You are right.

  5. Well now you have pate a choux, make some cream puffs!

  6. You could just add a bit more flour and some eggs and make italian zeppole

  7. Oh that would have been such a cool idea unfortunately I added salt to the sauce so I don’t think it would taste great

  8. Replying to add that "words" in speech acquisition also includes signs used consistently for the same thing, and sounds used consistently for the same thing. My son said "ah ah" for dog for the longest time, we counted it! And so did our pediatrician.

  9. This is so important. Spoken words my daughter has maybe 5 she uses (mostly no and animal sounds like meow and BAH BAH for barking haha), but she signs everyday for milk, train, again, more, book and up. She’s 17 months now and we were concerned for a while but are thinking she’ll most likely be ok.

  10. No such thing as a website, you have to go to your local district court. It's a very official procedure.

  11. I can’t remember if I left or didn’t, because I considered it when I was 18. would I go to the local Bürgerbüro or Standesamt to find ihr and get documentation?

  12. I’m not sure actually, I don’t fully understand the document I get at the beginning of the year tbh. Will look into it!

  13. Hier ist das Baby 17 Monate und sie sagt weder Mama oder Papa spezifisch, versteht aber wenn man ihr sagt „Geh zu Papa“ etc.

  14. Es ist super hilfreich weil sie eben besser kommunizieren kann dadurch. Ist toll für die selbstwirksamkeit in dem Alter und macht auch uns echt viel Spaß.

  15. As someone who grew up indoctrinated by the Christian church: I’m so sorry that he just left but also I’m happy you don’t ever get to experience harmful Christian theology through him.

  16. Sounds weird but I basically paint people who have passed into family pictures. I love getting to know their faces really well, knowing that they’re loved and missed, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget a single face.

  17. Hast du dazu ein richtiges Rezept für die Mengen? Würde das gerne mal probieren!

  18. Ich hab das Rezept von yummytoddlerfood auf Instagram. Sie hat alle Rezepte auf ihrer Webseite. Sind echt super Rezepte dabei die schnell gehen und trotzdem Gemüse drin haben, habe da schon mehrmals was nachgekocht weil meine Tochter zur Zeit außer Obst keinen Bock auf irgendwas hat.

  19. I actually suspect it's aeound 50% in Austria and Germany. Just from all the moms I know and I know people across all social classes and backgrounds.

  20. My mum named me and a few weeks later her friend and neighbour named their daughter the same. As a child I found it awesome having a best friend with the same name. We moved away when I was four and met up later in high school again and by then I really didn’t care if anyone had the same name as I.

  21. I remember learning that it’s not 50/50 genes from mother and father like they say, it’s a dice roll for each gene essentially. Wild.

  22. I know. My daughter looks like a carbon copy of her dad, I don’t know what my genes did but not much apparently haha

  23. It shouldn't be legal. Every child has the right to a proper education & we shouldn't allow the ignorance of their parents to steal that right from them.

  24. Okay I was convinced this was a troll post but she does post a ton of very real looking photos of herself and her belly in the comments. She is 100% not 34 weeks pregnant with triplets. She does appear to have some kind of mass or perhaps swelling of some kind. I thought still there’s a chance she was pregnant, but she also revealed she was 53 years old. It’s likely she has severe mental health issues going on, which amazingly most people in the comments agree with.

  25. I was just going to say that late into pregnancy your hcg levels can go so high that tests can’t read it anymore and would therefore show negative but if she’s 53 then yeah … likely there’s something else growing inside of her body ugh.

  26. Die Brei Fahrpläne basieren nicht auf Studien oä sondern sind einfach aus der Praxis entstanden. Deshalb völlig egal ob man morgens mittags abends anfängt oder mit einem oder drei auf einmal. Einfach gucken was das Kind macht, wenn er es isst, prima, wenn nicht auch nicht schlimm.

  27. Ok so as a lactation consultant what I’ve learned is: there is a slight increase in risk for caries when breastfeeding through the night when the child is over 1, although the studies didn’t look at dental hygiene at all (so didn’t take into consideration what else the child was being fed during the day, if teeth were brushed regularly etc).

  28. Can you imagine the TSA agent when she’s trying to get through airport security with her goddamn family bible 😂😂😂

  29. We lost our passports once at an airport we had a layover at. Not only that but we also lost our copies of marriage certificates, birth certificates etc because we put it all in one folder, so dumb (don’t do that).

  30. I didn’t follow SS to the T with my kids, and was always annoyed with their narrative of “expose your kids to these foods or else they’ll become extreme picky eaters”. My kids were super adventurous eaters until they turned 2. I never did dragon fruit or anything like that bc wtf I don’t eat dragon fruit on the regular so I’m not gonna go out of my way to buy some expensive ass fruit just because.

  31. I found SS when we just started solids with our baby and omg the anxiety. We’ve gotten way more relaxed over the months, exposed her to all foods we’re eating but we never bought anything weird just so she could eat it. She ate everything until she turned 15 months and now all she wants is fruit so there’s that. And we definitely didn’t just stuff her with purred food but toddlers have their own minds and I’m sure her plate will be more adventurous again in the future without me buying a picky eater course or something.

  32. She’s so close to understanding how actions have consequences and how hers will make her childrens lives hell.

  33. No SS or birth certificate? Do these idiots understand how much they’re ruining their kid’s life in the future?

  34. It’s so infuriating. My friend fostered a little girl who got abandoned and doesn’t have a birth certificate and it’s been years of fighting for it in court and with social workers, but the system is slow and it’s just one problem after the other. My friend wishes she had a bc for her child so desperately and here there are all the crunchy moms just … not caring about their children enough to give them a future even though it would have been so easy for them to just get their child a bc. It’s so sad.

  35. Eat as healthily as you can. I suffered from HG during the whole nine months of the pregnancy, and I couldn’t keep a single fruit or vegetable down. I could eat pasta, bread, cake, pizza but as soon as I tired too nix veggies in there I’d throw up. I lost so much weight it was awful and I tried to not blame myself for my bad diet. The moment baby was born I could eat normal again and spent the first weeks pp eating any vegetable I could find, it was so good.

  36. Raise n Rescue is also great.

  37. Ich empfehle Platz buchen und während Flug und Landung was zu trinken geben. Wir hatten eine Dreier-Reihe für uns, was mit Baby mit aktivem Bewegungsdrang super gewesen ist. Die hinter uns hatten das nicht, somit hatten sie weniger Platz, ihr Baby konnte nicht schlafen, hat nichts zu trinken bekommen bei Start und Landung und hat das ganze Flugzeug vollgebrüllt

  38. Wir sind mit 11 Monate altem Baby geflogen und haben auch einen Platz gebucht. Kann ich nur so bestätigen: dieser extra Platz hat einen Riesenunterschied gemacht! Falls finanziell möglich, auf jeden Fall machen!

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