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  1. Pop punk basslines: Cute Without the E - Taking Back Sunday

  2. You're not in the minority, it's hard for everyone, for the reasons you give. However, if you spend enough time either interacting with him or rewatching his drills, things will click in the most transformative ways. He often has subtle take aways in his video that won't click till you understood a few things prior, and so it's never obvious where to start with his drills too. Thankfully AceIt has been doing a nice job starting to translate Seabass instruction into their own videos. The last couple from AceIt have been great, all borrowed from his lessons learned on DGCR.

  3. That honestly kind of makes me feel better because I always feel dumb when I watch his stuff since I feel like I'm missing some obvious point.

  4. Loading the bow and arrow is a good one, and helps to accomplish two points: 1 - to play around and find the correct body position at the apex of the backswing/reachback, and 2 - feeling how your body stretches/lags at the apex of the backswing. Number 2 is the bigger take away, imo.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to type all that out. I'll check out those linked videos!

  6. Isn't this the mechanism that allows smoking to work - it never passes 165 , but it stays above 140 long enough to be safe for consumption?

  7. Smoked meat actually has really high internal temps it just takes a long time to get there since you're typically cooking in the neighborhood of 225.

  8. Probably going to be suggested by others by Another Fork in the Road is always fun.

  9. I wouldn’t recommend it. Not great for the elbow. I threw sidearm in baseball for years so so that’s how I got my form. One of the guys who commented posted a good video about forehands and how to not lead with your elbow. I’d give it a watch

  10. In my experience you'll never remember them all unless you keep playing them with some regularity.

  11. A Favor House Atlantic because it was the song that introduced me to Coheed.

  12. Girls not grey - AFI - fantastic punk bass line and you can barely hear it in the mix

  13. Road to Recovery and Still by Rufio have some great bass lines in them.

  14. I sort them by speed and then within those speed categories stability.

  15. I'm closing in on my second and still average like 11-12 over. +8 is a solid round for me.

  16. Whew holy fuck I had to look that one up and wasn't prepared lol!

  17. Hmm. That sounds very interesting though. Thank you, I’ll have to look into it

  18. DigiTech makes a pedal called the Drop that can detune your bass by like 7 semi tones or something like that.

  19. Your form and mechanics are super smooth - I don't think it will be too hard for you to unlock more distance. FWIW sometimes when I'm trying to learn something new, particularly with timing, I overexaggerate what I think I need to do. This does one of two things: allows me to feel the 'opposite' side of doing it 'wrong' and then I can dial it down to a middle-ground. Or, it makes me realize that I'm actually not overexaggerating and that's where I should be.

  20. Yep my plan after your comment was to really try and focus on making sure that the foot was really fully down and planted before everything else comes through. It's funny during the field work session I thought I was really delaying things but apparently not!

  21. Only asking because I just played a round with a guy who did this very thing lol. I figured the odds were slim but has to ask.

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