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  1. Freeholds, through their homeowners association - can fire the management company and find / establish another (after the whole of the development is done and finished), if I'm not mistaken. So if company is taking a piss of everyone, it should consider the probability of loosing their clients altogether.

  2. Not all are setup in this way. Getting consensus over a large development is not easy either.

  3. I know, but people get well motivated by a pattern of >100% charges increases. They just need to know the tools available to deal with it.

  4. How is it "diagonally" above? If it's a separate building - no problem. If it's a same building, up the floor - then it's above the business - I don't think the lenders care if it's offset to a side or something - they class it the same.

  5. We once went to see a 1200sqft bungalow (not new build) as per advertising, and it actually was 60sqm lol.

  6. Well - not in home reports though? I don't care about advertising - I meant the legal stuff is pre-done. And offers are legally binding too - should be way fewer cases of sales falling through just cause of cold feet.

  7. I wonder what would happen if a few very radical changes were implemented and were held onto for a decade.

  8. I like anarchy but what you’re talking about here is essentially tearing up the rule book that’s been developed since land law inception in 1066. There’s simply too much ‘value’ assumed and contributory to the GDP to ‘start again’ - hundreds of years of ownership and strategies in play to that end working within those rules - look at Corbins labour with his proposed shake up of council tax into a land tax based on value - even the liberal london socialites binned him.

  9. Yeah, I know it kind of smells almost communist - totalitarian (well that was worse, as people could not own anything private at all, but still).

  10. Lucky for you. I would no way be able to afford £400 savings a month nor could I get a second job. I do have a toddler so childcare is taking a massive chunk into our monthly spends.

  11. We saved in 3 years (not just 10% deposot, but way more, as the move, stamp duty for us etc is another £10K, we don't qualify for FTB schemes).

  12. I would personally (plus hubby agrees) never take a max of mortgage available to us. It would be scary amount of our income to give away each month. We only borrow around half of our afordability. The thinking is - if anything happens to one of us - the other one must be able to pay mortgage + living. Having a mortgage is stressfull enough, having all the unforseen house repair expenses are stressfull enough, having kids and all related responsibility is also a load - then hitting the top of the income in the living costs to live paycheck-to-paycheck would be just awfully miserable!

  13. All good advice and it's things we've thought about. Yes ideally we would not go to our max, we could technically go for more than £280k but we've given ourselves a budget. But we are considering lowering our expectations of a first house and maybe we don't need a 3 bed just yet. But we've also saved up a fair bit and our deposit is less than half our savings, we're pretty frugal when we want to be and we would still have money left over with a mortgage of £1000 (which is what our current DiP gives us). We don't have kids to worry about at the moment, only 2 dogs, and my partners family is here so we sometimes save money on dog care and food! We've been renting for 9 years and feel it's time to buy.

  14. The thing is - mortgage can go ×2 or ×3 almost overnight. It has happened to us before, in 2008ish. Was 600, then 1200, then 1500 (different country in Europe, but the banking system is not different, and the housing bubble is somewhat similar).

  15. Plot twist, that late person has caring commitments

  16. Plot untwist - everyone else have their own commitments of various sorts and have to suffer this one regular time waster on top of them too.

  17. Dvi draugės link 30/ po 30 ištekėjo už vyrų, su kuriais internetu susipažino, santykiai liko stabilūs, augina vaikus ir tt. Bet pirmų pasimatymų procesas yra labai varginantis ir kupinas nepatogių situacijų. Tai matyt yra labai svarbu pateikti detalių perteklių apie pomėgius ir tt, nes tas laiko gaišimas ir "nebesusitikime, nes tu klausai X muzikos, o aš jos nekenčiu" yra fui. Stabilioje poroje žmonės turi žiūrėti viena kryptimi, norėti tų pačių dalykų iš gyvenimo - tada jiems ilgiau pakeliui, ir smagiau, ir viens kitą patempia pirmyn, nestabdo ir nebando tildyt.

  18. My kids are going to a new built primary school, my little one was the first one in a new nursery attachment in it. Big new built GP opened up nextdoor last year. IDK - I'm quite optimistic in those areas too :)

  19. i am assuming you did a survey and most of these should be brought up? i am assuming you didn't do it.

  20. Home report with survey and valuation is done by seller in Scotland. It should have included many of these things.

  21. Curious - why would you place an offer on unsuitable property?..

  22. The problem at the moment is that there are so few properties coming onto the market that I would struggle to find 13 places I wanted and line them all up for a single day's viewings.

  23. Are you looking in a very specific location or a rare type of the house? I found my experience very different. I couldn't fit everything I wanted to view (3-4 beds with garage priced 170K-250K) in the weekend, that came up to Zoopla during the same week. So, during the week, I would start cancelling some viewings in order to squeeze another more favourable one, and some had too little time to drive in between, so we were bit late. Comes Monday - closing dates would start pouring, and we would have to offer for the favourites. Most of the houses would SSTC in just 1 week.

  24. Depends on location apparently. We were also looking quite wide all across central belt of Scotland.

  25. It's funny how you perceive 1 hour commute as a favourable thing.

  26. That's not smoke. That's a pulverised building. You don't want to breath that.

  27. They have a bulletproof truck. Openning a window to shoot would expose themselves to the fire.

  28. What a miserable performance on a miserable day with a miserable dead inside audience and a miserable first "aid". Z-ombie land.

  29. Agents will tell you, if you speak to the right people who covered that sale and they think you are seriously looking to buy.

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