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  1. Pamella..... As in Pam (grandmothers name) and Ella (the name the parents wanted).

  2. My Two Cents. Though I have not yet attempted the exam, I can articulate things based on my few days of study:

  3. This is so simple... But I feel like it just changed my learning process for this certification. The OSG is great, but it doesn't map over to the Domains/Objectives in a synchronous fashion. Thanks for this, my ADHD brain appreciates it!

  4. Lucky me, I transferred in a course from my previous Community College classes. So I didn't have to do Project+ here at WGU, thankfully.

  5. Congratulations! Hoping to make this post in a couple months myself.

  6. I took this exact route with a lot of success. I transferred in 60+ credits from my CC and from my Sec+ Certification from CompTIA. I was lucky enough to get hired for a 6 month Apprenticeship while still in my CC classes.

  7. January 2020 to the end of November 2022. I work full time in IA and transferred in 60 credits from a previous degree.

  8. nice! congratulations! did you pay for it with fafsa and how much was your total

  9. Kind of... So I used the GI Bill for 3 terms (6 months per term), but also collected FAFSA. I pocketed the FAFSA then used it to pay for the last term.

  10. Yes, I did use all of my Post 9/11 GI Bill. Currently located just over two hours West of DC.

  11. Task 3 was just kicked back for revision. All of my content passed, I just need to go back and reword some things for proper articulation.

  12. Congratulations!! What was the capstone like?

  13. It was very long.... But if you have an idea of your project, it will make it 100% easier.

  14. I'm using same AIO book. I'd say it's good enough. There is good CISM course from Mike Chappel on Linkedin Learning (1 month is free). PocketPrep + TotalTester for testing. And Prabh Nair videos on YouTube are quiet informative. I've started learning in October and scheduled my exam on February 27th. My average score right now on PocketPrep is 65%, on TotalTester 72%(using Excel for tracking by domain).

  15. Copy that, thank you for the feedback. Honestly just trying to avoid the $299 price tag for the 12 month subscription/access to the ISACA QAE.

  16. Pep talk - There's no easy button here. As a student at WGU I feel that the greatest benefit is the ability to take your education timeline in your own hands. With that said, I would be lying if I didnt get smacked with a class in the same way you are right now (in my case it was A+1102).

  17. This is the only class I’m really dreading when time comes.

  18. Plan and prepare.... Also take Cysa+ first if you havent already. The test wasnt so bad, but I will say that the PBQs were tough. In my opinion, you dont have to get all of the PBQs right, but they may very well mean the difference of passing/failing.

  19. Dude that’s dope. I just started doing the same but for my B.A. so I’m all the way back at A+. Any tips on getting these certs and knocking out the courses to grad early ?

  20. I have been at WGU for around 1.5 years and came in with Sec+. The very last cert (and class) I have to graduate is Pentest+.

  21. I used PluralSight and Kaplan (CyberVizta test bank) to start on Cysa+. Follow up with the Dion videos.

  22. So i agree with the Plural Sight statement lol. I only navigate there to use the CyberVista TestBank.

  23. What's your take on the Udemy Jason Dion PTO-002 material?

  24. May I ask ,where to access "Cybervista Quiz Simulator"?

  25. Actually, when attempting to get back into the course to grab a screen shot, I didn't see CyberVista either?

  26. Yeah... I started digging yesterday and found this to be the sentiment from most who have chosen to take the cert.

  27. I used a course on Udemy, The Complete SQL Course 2022 - Learn by Doing - SQL Server.

  28. I followed this same path. A couple refresher activities in the Udemy Course helps out alot. I didnt mess with SQL Fiddle and only used SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) for the PA.

  29. 105k salary (17%) bump from current position. 10k sign on bonus.

  30. Personally, I'm 3 classes away from my Bachelors. Currently working for Big Blue, but have accepted a position with one of the Big 4 Consultanting Firms after graduation in October.

  31. Just took and passed this test last week. If you have sec+ net+ and have taken the crypto class this should be pretty easy just filling in the gaps. The sybex book is terrible and too bloated. Read the chapter reviews at the end. I primary used the cybervista tests off pluralsight. They were the best resource for me.

  32. I echo the above. Cybervista has been my starting point for most certifications classes, hasn't let me down yet. Usually do 2 or 3 rounds in the test bank to brush up and look through the explanations.

  33. I transferred in an AA in Cyber. 60 total credits, but also had Security+ Certification coming into the program.

  34. The study guide that I was given was titled "Shawns Additional Study Guide". It was titled after the instructor who created it. It may be listed in the chatter too. If not shoot me a dm and I'll send it your way.

  35. Found it in the course chatter. 29 slides. Thanks for the help and the write up. This is my last class. Capstone and all are done, so the sooner the better lol

  36. I have 4 to go myself + Capstone. Crypto was my last one of this previous semester. Finish strong and congrats!

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