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  1. will she be incarcerating them until trial?

  2. You could try to have the rolls developed locally, assuming it's C-41 so you can find a lab more easily. And hope it's not a careless lab that will scratch your film.

  3. most of my film is 400. i have some slower speed films in the bag now. but nothing over 400. some of the rolls are older and may have been zapped 6-10 times over the years, but who knows? and if i can't correct it in PS maybe it will look cool? i would just hate to see shots from remote locations in the azores ruined by those aholes at schiphol.

  4. American airports use CT scanners, which are cylindrical not square, rotate the scanners all around the luggage, and bombard it with x-rays from all angles. A CT scanner is guaranteed to fog even low sensitivity film, which is why they accomodate hand-check requests.

  5. as soon as i took it out of my bag the first security agent would just shake their head and point at the tray in front of me. i watched a guy one lane over begging to have his film inspected in madrid i think. i saw him later inside the airport and asked if they gave it to him. they refused him too. the lines were so long (this trip began mid august) that i didn't want to be that guy asking for a supervisor etc...

  6. this is exactly why i mostly stopped shooting reversal. it never looks as good scanned as it does on a light box. that being said, i have a roll of provia in my camera now!

  7. Paris gets hate on the travel subs and I don't get it--almost like it's cool to be different and hate on it. I lived there for a summer and have been back several times since. It's fabulous. Always has been and always will be. Glad you loved it. No matter where I've been, it will always be the most special to me.

  8. i have nothing against paris. one of my favorite museums in the world is there. my dislike (hate is too strong) comes from all the smokers. i've never seen so many smokers in my life. literally everyone.

  9. i'm in the same boat. had a trip booked in march 2020 but covid happened (literally stopped at the airport in cape town from boarding a flight to osaka because emirates had decided to stop flying march 25 and my connection in dubai was at 12.15am on the 25th)....anyway i've been chomping at the bit ever since getting daily google updates for 'japan reopening'. i saw they were opening october 11 and want to go so badly. but since it's my first and possibly only time to go to japan i wonder if it's worth it to wait. i'm gonna check availability on naoshima, the art island. that was the biggest challenge last time i planned this trip. good luck and happy travels!

  10. It varies a lot. I was there a few weeks ago. I turned up 5 hours early and I was through security in 10 minutes.

  11. five hours is bonkers. i would never think to show up that early for a flight. the situation at schiphol was the worst i've ever seen. but i'm mostly angry at the airline (transavia) for not warning us. they have my email and phone number. i'm just a tourist on vacation, how could i know about the massive delays??

  12. I mean you say 5 hours is bonkers but last week I had to go through there and with bag check in and then security, I came 5 hours early and got through security 20 minutes before boarding

  13. you don't think that's insane? for us that would have meant arriving at the airport at 2am for a 7am flight. on the bright side we would have saved the cost of a night in an amsterdam hotel. how did you know to arrive 5h early?

  14. How does it compare to Norway though (how I took that comment on savings)? Norway is my #1 bucket list, and I've been holding off because I understood it's one of the most expensive countries in the world. I'd want to stay for 1mo+. If I could go to poormans Norway...

  15. same. well, japan #1 then norway.

  16. Great post. We will be visiting Chania, Heraklion, Naxos, Paros, and Athens in Sept/Oct. Your suggestions will come in handy!

  17. did you do this trip? we're looking at the same destinations.

  18. Yes, we are in Naxos now and will leave for Paros on Thursday. It's been a great trip - fabulous weather, delicious food, and friendly people. The water here is gorgeous! Tip: pack light 🙂

  19. awesome! we're heading to paros end of the week and trying to decide if we should add or include naxos and/or milos. so far we're only planning on staying a week. but i'm trying to convince my girlfriend to stay two. enjoy! and please lmk what paros is like.

  20. i assume that does not include the cost of delivering and raising a child in states that no longer allow women to choose an abortion.

  21. seeing the way they use humans to troll liberals dispels any doubt that republicans are sick, racist xenophobes.

  22. Street art is fine, but shit stain graffiti can fck off.

  23. i remember when i first went to madrid thinking it looked like a dump covered in graffiti. in the states graffiti is usually associated with low income/higher crime areas. but now i am torn...i can appreciate the beauty and the artist's expression, but also imagine how nice madrid would look without it.

  24. if you put a point into google maps (zurich for example) then press the directions arrow and put in paris, it should show you all of your travel options. you may have to select the train icon at the top between the car and person walking icons. my google maps shows a 4h4m train among other options.

  25. Hey if you can find good catch products near you, they’re a pretty good tuna analog. I worked for them in the convention circuit and I thought their plain tuna is very good, their other products were alright but their tuna was the star

  26. I've had good catch, it's good but trust me it doesn't even get close to Vuna. I've tried many brands and Vuna is the closest to real tuna that I've ever had. It's so close I've had omnis doubt whether it's actual tuna when they try it.

  27. they really nailed the texture.

  28. i tried them once. it was too oily for me. of course lather enough veganaise on anything and it will taste good.

  29. Lisbon is the best for Vegan food. If you go there don't miss Ao 26 restaurant and also Green Affair. In our opinion are the best in the city but there are so many more. In case you go to Lagos or Albufeira, let me know and I will give you more tips.

  30. the vegan chain daterra kept me well fed for two months in lisbon. they're in porto too! i've never had trouble finding vegan food in portugal. but lisbon will have the most options, being the largest city. we're in spain now and they are crushing the vegan game. madrid blew me away.

  31. Canary Islands? Water temperature right now is 22-24 C, but it's still not cold. Car rent is cheap there. Mediterranean region is now even better, but it's not clear what will happen in a week. Italy is great idea, but pretty limited amount of nice beaches except if you are heading to Sicily (great food) or Sardinia. Even there beach may be a bit more remote. Some Greece islands are really nice. I could recommend Kos, you can stay in main town and use bike to go to beaches as the island is really small and mostly flat. There are plenty of beaches in Crete, but you should then look for the hotel/airbnb as close as possible to the beach and easy reachable from airport.

  32. So the biggest risk is when you put your stuff down somewhere, what I do is always hook the strap of the bag around a chair, table, umbrella, etc so people just can't walk by and grab it. My camera bag is made from full grain leather so slashing is not a risk. As for the camera I usually keep it around my neck and I try to rely on situational awareness, I'm always a bit wary of anyone who gets in my personal space. You could also try a rapid strap which hooks under your arm as well so nobody could ever take the thing off your neck, and the camera is screwed into the tripod bolt so nobody could grab it and run away either.

  33. yes! whenever we're walking and someone comes up behind us i say 'tailgater' to my girlfriend and we let them pass. it's never been anyone threatening but people rolling up behind me like that is annoying anyway.

  34. Extremely anecdotal, but I know 5 people who have been to Barcelona. I know 5 people who have been mugged or robbed in Barcelona.

  35. Wildly interesting. At the train station in Bilboa same thing said to me ‘watch my bags’ I found Bilboa disgusting. But Valencia wow

  36. we only went to see the guggenheim...were in bilbao less than 24 hours. we're missing (san sebastian and) valencia sadly. next time!

  37. thank you!!! i'm quite pleased with the way it turned out.

  38. For any old-school vegans who believed nothing from Panda Express was vegan and are surprised by this post: apparently, they stopped putting chicken stock in their rice

  39. i'm old school and believe nothing from panda express is healthy.

  40. I've been to Porto four times and I'd love to move there.

  41. copenhagen is my favorite european city. but i would rather live in porto.

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