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Post Game Thread: San Francisco 49ers (10-7) at Green Bay Packers (13-4)

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  1. Love it man! Great coin! I’m a sucker for off center portraits that show off a part of it (usually the hair or the face itself for Seleucids). This is a great example showing off the helmet

  2. Thanks dude! Yeah this coin was really not done justice by the auction photo so I think a lot of people skipped over it because it was off-center. But it has an amazing look and great details/tone on a relatively wider flan for an Athens Owl. It quickly become one of my favorite coins after I saw it in person. :)

  3. Congrats! Mine is just 4 blues on top (hex code 0076CC) and 4 reds on the bottom (hex code E00004)

  4. You're very welcome! Sounds like you have excellent taste. ;)

  5. Yeah, on IOS, I click on my history and there’s a little Dropbox that allows me to select “hidden” I just looked at it again for the first time in a while and I saw posts from 2 years ago.

  6. Never ever look at what you’ve hidden again. That’s the solution.

  7. You posting this reply 2 days ago (around the same time I started having the problem) gives me the feeling, that this might be a bug introduced through a recent update of either chrome or one of the extensions. Any luck troubleshooting yet? Also do you happen to use Malwarebytes / Adblock Plus / Nocoin / Teleparty / Endnote as chrome extensions?

  8. I found the answer! The malwarebytes browser extension is apparently not playing well with a new update to chrome. So disable that extension and everything will work normally again. It was a huge relief when I found that post on reddit where someone figured out what was going on.

  9. Omg thank you so much! I was going mad. I rolled back the Jan 2022 windows update to see if that did it, and it didn't. Disabling the malwarebytes browser guard extension does, indeed, solve the issue.

  10. Haha, you're very welcome. It's a shame malewarebytes didn't roll out an update yet or find a way to let people know that it's the source of this problem. It was extremely obnoxious.

  11. NFTs (and crypto) are speculative pump-and-dump scams that stem from the moral outrage people have at the failures of the traditional unequal economic system.

  12. Thanks man, I appreciate it. I hope so too.

  13. I am having the same problem. Just started today

  14. Thank you so much for posting! This fixed it. What an annoying problem.

  15. I'm by no means a coin expert, but just wanted to say this looks awesome.

  16. Thanks! No need to be a coin expert to appreciate the artistry.

  17. How much would this coin go for on average?

  18. Probably between $200-$300 depending on condition.

  19. I caught part of it on my security camera. Right around 6:48 am according to the clock on it. Do they know where it landed?

  20. It's so terrible for mental health and people really can't begin to understand. It's very frustrating. I'm about to hit the one year anniversary of my COVID infection and my parosmia has improved so so much. There are still things that are a bit off but there is almost no food I can't eat and a lot of things taste basically normal now.

  21. SICILY, Gela. Circa 465-450 BC. AR Litra (11mm, 0.51 g, 8h). Bridled horse, with lead, advancing right; wreath above / Forepart of man-headed bull right. Jenkins, Gela, Group III; HGC 2, 373. Toned. Near VF.

  22. This is literally what you're doing though. Feigning ignorance when you know exactly what the intention was behind the hand signs in the Kleefisch photo. Same goes for this kid pretending he's doing the 3 point hand sign. That's not how it's done and he knows it.

  23. Great trolling. The best trolling is when you tell someone you're trolling them. That's what I've heard.

  24. Great countermarks/ banker's marks! (Looks like some interesting toning too.) I have a sub-collection of countermarks. Usually for the Roman or Roman Provincial/Greek Imperial (i.e. Greek mints during Roman period) you can find out their context & significance.

  25. Great Aegina! I'm on the lookout for one of those myself and some of the nicer examples often have bankers marks. I had started to try to do some research to see if I could find out more about these but wasn't able to find a great reference out there. I'm off to read more of your post now to see what you've discovered.

  26. This is a cool coin and all and the history is interesting but does anyone else find it a little distasteful to market a product based on an event that resulted in 3000 deaths?

  27. Not really. Coin collectors generally appreciate the history and have respect for the event. Coin collecting is more about preserving/forming a connection with history then just mindless consumerism.

  28. Absolutely I agree. I collect many coins and learning about the history is a big part of why. It's clear that this coin has been slabbed with the intention of selling it at a premium because of it's connection to the event. I definitely get it and it's cool but still makes me a bit squeamish.

  29. I saw a good reply to this a few weeks ago. Reply back with, “we’ll you don’t look like a moron, but looks can be deceiving!” - then watch them stomp away angrily…

  30. This seems a bit mean for people who just aren't able to understand mostly through no fault of their own. Empathy is hard for humans.

  31. Most people aren't being dicks about it. They just don't understand how long covid works. It sucks but they just don't know.

  32. He accused her of faking a disability first. He’s a troll and she got understandably pissed off.

  33. She clearly has lazybonesitis. She can't walk 20 extra feet to put back her cart after walking all around the store?

  34. I have had covid.. all be it was alpha. But still it damaged my vestibular nerve.. both to me are harrowing and i get caught in a "fked if i do and fked if i don't " area LOL.. im only 36. So im still relatively young, know that doesn't mean im safe 100% however.. its just reading and seeing sooooo many people with inflammation around their heart that took moderna and pfizer. freaks me out.

  35. I got a ton of side effects from getting covid before the vaccine was available. Tons of heart inflammation and my smell and taste is still not right among other things. If the vaccine prevents more long term problems than it creates, it's worth it to me.

  36. this also scares me tbh! hence why i am stuck in the middle

  37. I understand being scared of it. I guess I see the vaccine as easily the better of the two choices because it has proven to mitigate severe disease and death (see hospitalizations/covid death statistics at every major hospital) and most people I know who have gotten the vaccine haven't had any side effects and if they got covid it was mild.

  38. Yes, and worse. Parosmia sucks and does seem to vary over time.

  39. Short answer: yes. Long answer: I wish more people had empathy for the wildly different experiences everyone has with Covid and in life generally. It seems like people have to go through something just as bad as you’ve gone through before they’re able to truly understand. It’s a flaw in human nature.

  40. Yes this is very common with all variants of Covid.

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