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  1. Here‘s the thing: I saw the same video on here last week but with the title „Chinese people trying to leave the country“ or something along those lines…

  2. That's true tho I haven't found any satisfactory JSON printers either...

  3. Bad ex. But seriously, if you know she got access, why didn‘t you change the password?

  4. TBF, decluttering to this level is kind of my life goal.

  5. Yes yes yes, trying to. Also: Way less stuff to keep clean which is good because I‘m lazy.

  6. We‘ve been trying to contact you about your cars extended warranty.

  7. Oh yes, like the „do you know how this person would feel?“ Tf you know? Are you this person?

  8. They‘re not. Even a lot of smokers know that smoking isn‘t healthy but they just can‘t stop. Same goes for social media if you think about it…

  9. Stopping a social media addiction is a bit easier though. You can chuck your phone out, not use wifi unless at work or whatever. It's not a chemical addiction on the same level as smoking and can be used for good it's not pure bad. Also the statement fits the definition of hypocritical.

  10. Nothing. We‘re currently using 15&16 at work, and I just started using 16+ for personal projects.

  11. Religion is a plague on this earth. It's been the cause of most wars and promotes hate. Its nothing but bronze age bullshit that was made to control people.

  12. Very true! But most people don't want to hear about that either.

  13. You appear to not realize that rom coms and entertainment, in general, emphasize the realities of our life.

  14. It makes me wonder: how would a man react if another man asked and told him such things? Do women do the same when they meet a man (not necessarily in a dating context)? How would it impact friendships long-term?

  15. If you‘re a guy and know the guy you‘re asking this for a bit, it‘s probably going to be something along these lines „Dude, finally someone who asks“. We mostly see and feel if other dudes are sad, then we ask what‘s going on or just give them a beer or whisky and they‘ll know they can talk.

  16. Like redirecting a river and wondering where the water went

  17. You look like you use ranch dressing as shaving cream and clean it off with dirty socks.

  18. The way that credit ratings are structured to punish you if you don't have much debt roughly as much as if you have too much debt.

  19. Possibly? All I know is that because the only active line of credit I currently has is my car payment, and I have no credit cards, my credit score is being penalized for it.

  20. How do you know? Did it have a hard hat on or something?

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