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  1. I know the syringe method but don't know which syringe size in our market fits the pipe. Did you have to modify the syringe so it fits?

  2. Ok, I started it and completed till ending B and i was burned out cause ending B was just replaying the whole game and i hated it, i didnt touch the game for months, does it get better or no? Cause i see a lot of good things about it

  3. Same. I don't want to play the same game multiple times for different endings. And it's not like you can load a earlier save, choose different options for different ending. You have to play the whole damn thing again


  5. I keep them in the wardrobe. Can't leave stuff in the open due to cats

  6. Pixel 6a thoda costly hoga lekin no one can beat the stock Android use to be a nexus user one the best phones i had

  7. Nope. No post warranty support from google as well as third party people

  8. I am looking for deals. Preferably under 2k. If anyone has bought it previously.

  9. Muzzammil Nayani had for 1950 last i checked

  10. No. From Yusuf. It's good. Tobacco blend is beautiful. But not performing great right now. Maybe have to wait till autumn.

  11. Weren't Yusuf's prices about 900rs higher than the rest?

  12. I checked he said it's 2100. And later I came to know he was selling Rasasi Shurah at same price ,I would've preferred shurah coz it's beast mode.

  13. Is shurah blind buy worthy? Heard it smells like a ashtray. Get a decant maybe


  15. I have Touch and it lasts for just 2-3 hours on my skin. Can only detect light powdery note after that. Mine's 2019 batch

  16. Simply put, it smells horrid. Aventus smells nice and many would buy it if the performance was commendable; the CDNIM smells like olfactory punishment and a million guys in the chorus saying that it smells like Aventus will not change it. Armaf makes copies and having had the distinct misfortune to have tried a few, I can safely say that they are best left alone.

  17. Ofcourse a fucking 30k+ fragrance will be better than a 2.5k one. I don't get your compulsive need to shit to cheap perfumes.

  18. mr iqbal has it today but ran out of stock with 10min... will come in stock soon...keep in touch with him... I'll DM his number to you.

  19. Why not add his number to the pinned buying guide? Ask him if he's ok with that and add it to the post

  20. Looking for an app that autosyncs photos from an SD card to internal storage using filters, preferably remembering which photos were previously synced.

  21. Foldersync like mentioned. You can also add filters to skip uploading files like thumbnails,cache etc

  22. That depends entirely on the quantity and the consistency of the perfume

  23. Yes, but good to know the average use you might get out of a bottle when buying a decant, 30ml or full bottle

  24. That's a long way of saying you didn't read the article. But here's another one anyway:

  25. I have read enough of articles on how after effects works, how it's a bitmap based program that renders every single pixel and more etc etc. Will it break plugins and compatibility and plugins? Sure but they also break in the current update cycle. It broke during x86 to apple silicon transition. That's just an excuse.

  26. Then go vote on which things you think should be prioritized. That's how they determine their focus. They read every single bug report and crash log, too. Victoria Nece has been great about letting user feedback steer their direction.

  27. I have. From multiple adobe accounts from work. Background autosave. Just basic qol feature : 442 votes, proposed in 2018 and not even acknowledged

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