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  1. Have you read a lot of Nodnarb Nosrednas’s books?

  2. Definitely Edgedancer next. Some people stop here to read Warbreaker, but it sounds like maybe you have? I couldn’t quite tell if the you know who at the end of your comment was who I thought it was.

  3. It was amazing and made Oathbringer even better knowing the back stories to certain people 🥰

  4. As far as I know it’s completely normal.

  5. You both look so happy!! 🥰 enjoy your time together!!

  6. Haha I do 😂 he loves it and I 100% love his confidence with it 😁

  7. We have our fingers crossed for a beard 😂 but it’s his first go at growing facial hair so wish him luck 😂

  8. How long did the boarder pass take to get approved? Can you file it prior to 72 hours before you leave?

  9. I had a 7 hours wait just to get the covid test for the pass but I was lucky and got mine back about 30hours later. I don’t recommend getting it before but my pass dose now last until the 8th of Jan but it has when it is valid for.

  10. Literal seconds and it was emailed to me

  11. Charged? About $1-$500 per hour of my online presence depending on the time of day, how much I bring to the interaction and which platform.

  12. No? Why? I did that too. Sometimes I feel like taking them, but not like sending them. So they sit around until I feel like sending, but not taking. You know? There's a mood for everything

  13. Exactly, I don’t understand why this would be a red flag.

  14. 8 dollars isn’t worth the headache. Look at it as the price we have to pay to keep our children safe.

  15. Yeah like I’m really not fussed about the money 😂

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