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  1. My dad died when I was in college. It was sudden and unexpected and I had to perform CPR, so I was reeling from the trauma. Almost all my professors gave me lengthy extensions. Except one. He insisted that I still complete everything on time, including a paper and exam due just days after he died. I did them and I passed, but to this day, 22 years later, I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered anyone with so little compassion. I’ve never forgotten how shitty that felt.

  2. I’ve had the same exact experience to a tee lol. Everyone professors but one. But mine was met more along the lines of “im sorry. I don’t see how that has anything to do with my class”

  3. No idea :/// but whenever I hear people talk about how much they love that professor, I always am like uhmmm btw. It’s also crazy hearing someone with the same story (including the cpr :P) so I hope you’re hanging in there

  4. Are there any resources on reverse engineering multi-threaded processes? Been trying to level up my RE skills and it’s more challenging and than I had anticipated

  5. Oh totally. Seems like it's pretty much an annual occurence on the Advent of Code subreddit that a bunch of great programmers will be cruisin' through the questions easily, and then they hit a question involving a modular inverse or something, and suddenly the "it does remainders" trick that's worked for them for a decade simply doesn't cut it anymore.

  6. Every year when AoC rolls around, I mean to do it, but never do. Maybe next year!

  7. Not particularly, you only need around 10 functions from it to make a simple game. SDL is probably one of the easiest APIs.

  8. Definitely algebra and if you’re diving engine stuff, calculus and algebra. Matrices are everywhere

  9. True! But I was specifically referring to operations on matrices such as finding the cross product

  10. Interesting. Do you have any resources where I can read more about this?

  11. It’s a book on computer architecture (and by far my favorite one) call Computer Systems A Programmers Perspective! They cover all this and MORE!

  12. Dude, you’re just a shitty coder. It’s not your fault tho. Your prose shows you’re not the brightest

  13. Your code is littered with awful control flow and a perverse use of ‘continue’. I understand too clearly that this is bad.

  14. Besides this being syntactically wrong, it’s also logically inane. You have a condition for your while loop and you check a condition within the the body of the loop. This is peak bad code.

  15. Ew. Theres no need to use typedef structs in C++. That’s why it’s wrong.

  16. Can this be done with meson or where do I add this flag?

  17. If not, I will look for a way to do it with meson. Thank you very much for your reply.

  18. There’s some great CppCon talks about debugging C++ using gdb, but good luck with Meson!

  19. Actually thinking about this, it would be better to have this as a factory that returns a std::unique_ptr, you want the window to not be placed on the stack only the heap as the lifetime is important (if you call Destroy in the destructor).

  20. A factory method is basically a class that builds something. In this case it will be a class that returns a window on the heap.

  21. A great enjoyable read is Beejs Guide to network programming. If you feel like that’s too basic, I urge you to read Unix Network Programming by Stephens (and all his other books for that matter).

  22. TCP/IP Illustrated is sort of the gold standard here, but it's not cheap. You can skip volume 3, it's mostly irrelevant today and there are better resources.

  23. This is a fantastic book, BUT Stephens has a book specifically made for network programming called Unix network programming and it’s fantastic! Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment touches on this.

  24. menu-driven linked list operations such as insertion and deletion

  25. How utterly useless as a comment. If you want help cheating with your homework, at the very least, post the code.

  26. Yes. Write bad code. It’s your prerogative to introduce inefficient overhead to your program. But don’t suggest shitty code to others as if it’s advice.

  27. Awesome. Fyi, all you needed to do was get rid of the address of operator in argument. When you pass by reference, you don’t pass in the address. You pass in the variable.

  28. & yeah that's what I've been using since that post pointer always getting me confused.

  29. That's a formatting tool, you mean clang tidy.

  30. What?! The window to submit the results in 2 weeks! I don't think this is what they mean

  31. Haha you indeed make it sound easy. And you are definitely right about making it too hard, but I think it's normal when you are trying to get started but don't know how to start.

  32. Maybe things have changed since then but way back when the C++ grey beards would have crucified you for suggesting printf in any circumstance. "There's no type safety! What happens if you want to change the order of the output?" Dark times.

  33. I know some people who use printf because it’s thread safe and std::cout isn’t

  34. A while back, cpp cast recommended the previous version of this course. Never got the chance to check it out, but I think I will now! Thanks!

  35. Do you not understand? Can you read? Look at the else statement in OPs code. And then report back. It’s just two ways to retrieve the file path. One is to get it from argv 1 if an argument is provided and one is to get it via the prompt. It’s not wasted…. Jeeze you’re slow

  36. one I didn't read through everything and it's definitely not how I do argc and argv so it definitely looked suspicious to me.

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