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Post Match Thread

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Race: Verstappen takes the lead in the final lap from Hamilton to take the driver championship and the win

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  1. Lmao he's on the field. I swear most of yall don't even understand what you're watching.

  2. get henderson out of this club, he’s really past it

  3. This is not a serious comment is it

  4. AHAHAHAHAHA now he’s injured. JWP at least plays the whole season

  5. Ferrari finally deliver a car and Charles fucking Leclerc is their best driver

  6. Learned CG after like a 2 year break from the game. Got 4 armour seeds in my first 15kc lol

  7. How on earth did they screw up so hard, literally nothing is matching up lmao

  8. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! How's Russell penalized for that!?

  9. that was some real dangerous driving from hamilton

  10. 40% of their normal lap times? these cars can go that fast?

  11. Russell helping Charles out more than Sainz ever has and in a worse car

  12. Ricciardo has been stealing a living for the past few years

  13. Can’t stand the bloke, let’s take the L and ship him on

  14. So Liverpool/Klopp lied about Covid tests, bitch and moaned about player safety and the amount of games his players play, get the game switched, Odegaard doesn't get to play in this game due to the switch, and now starts an insanely strong lineup?

  15. is it any worse than other teams singing feed the Scousers vs Liverpool and Everton and never gets condemned?

  16. Is blatant homophobia worse than a bit of banter? Go cash in your food stamps your dirty bin dipper

  17. I have seen a lot of criticism at the adress of TAA, but all i have to say is that if you wouldn't want the man on your team, you are quite frankly an idiot.

  18. It was literally the most unfair thing I’ve witnessed in professional sport in my life. I’m stoked Max won, he deserved the title for an outstanding season overall and Red Bull (Max) didnt anything wrong this race so I dont feel bad celebrating but holy fuck Hamilton got cucked so bad. If roles were reversed, it would be a complete meltdown to a point where I would believe Red Bull would quit F1 lmao

  19. So you'd rather the race end under SC?

  20. Fairness comes before everything else (apart from safety) so yes.

  21. Max has had other bs go against him. Good to see it to his way.

  22. For sure i’m buzzing for max. Sport is being ruined by the FIA though, we need a change

  23. Absolutely gutted for Lewis but also interested to hear a coherent explanation and reasoning for the decision made by Masi - can anyone can shed some light?

  24. i’m happy but that is utterly utterly shambolic from the FIA

  25. Am I too American to know Stormzy or living under a rock? Hes a riot haha

  26. City are notoriously boring to watch

  27. literally every neutral loves us, we are such an enjoyable team to watch.

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