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  1. Companies owned by big money families right?

  2. Sounds very confident. I'm envious of the Pels fans. The next few years, they will start dominating if this man stays healthy.

  3. You know that you can just decide to be a Pelican fan, right?

  4. He'll get even better (defensively) when he starts believing that this team has a future. He has a bad tendency to check himself out if he doesn't have the trust in the guys. Yesterday's win may have convinced him that this group could do it with a trade or two.

  5. What did Luka do in the 3rd? When I last checked, the Mavs were shooting 30/20 from the floor.

  6. He was also setting up AD by spamming the PnR down the stretch.

  7. Their corner PnR is incredibly hard to defend. It gives AD a short run to the basket if the players load up on LeBron. Conversely, if they cover AD, then LeBron can turn the corner and lay it up. That angle works miracles, more effective than PnRs from the top of the key. I wonder if LeBron can also run the same with his left hand. Would be absurdly effective because then AD would get the ball with his right hand.

  8. God y’all annoying as fuck parroting this same dumb shit without even watching the large majority of our games. Rockets absolutely should not have shot 24 more FTs than us. Literally give a soft ass T to Book yet again while he’s running back on D on a play he was very clearly fouled on and then right after they let KPJ sit there and yap at the refs about a call and do Jack shit. Suns fans just want remotely balanced Reffing, If you gonna call techs on us for soft ass shit then call the on the opponent for soft as shit, same goes for foul calls, ayton gets Jack shit for calls even when he’s blatantly fouled but they make sure they put him in foul trouble constantly on very questionable calls. Absolutely no excuse for rockets having 24 more FTs than us, sure 10 you may have a point but the Reffing was lopsided as fuck tonight and took away any ability to play decent defense in the 2nd half

  9. DLo. And for me, as a big DLo fan, it sucks to see. DLo has always been streaky as a player but he’s playing so much like when he was on the Lakers. And that’s not good. Though he should see an increase in offensive production with Towns out for the next few weeks. And if he still can’t put up good numbers during that span, we have big problems. Timberwolves really need DLo to step it up if they want to make the postseason.

  10. Booker over LeBron. He's gotta have recognition for what he's been doing. LeBron is borderline Top 10 this season.

  11. Ive watched a lot of games this season from all teams.

  12. What impressed me was that they got the best Bucks as well. Even Middleton was back and hitting so many shots. Jrue, Lopez, role players were all raining down 3s. And yet, the Lakers still won on the road. One hell of a statement.

  13. They are out there spamming it, too. pnr after pnr and not even Bucks can stop it

  14. Westbrook did that in the 1st quarter with whoever he could find. Lopez could not defend it the life of him.

  15. So he’s averaging 26ppg this season. 966/26 is 37.1 games. Which is Feb 13 against the Blazers or Feb 15 against the Pels

  16. He had 13 in the 4th, was just chilling most of the game lmao

  17. The reason why his efficiency looks bad is that all his misses are counted as miss despite him being fouled most of the time. He did miss few gimmies in the 4th, but overall, it was a great game.

  18. This game crystallized the plan when Russ was brought in. They have finally arrived at the place they wanted to arrive. Now I don't know if this is sustainable, but we at least saw what they envisioned. Props to Westbrook finally agreeing to come off the bench. That was the trigger.

  19. Exactly, it's a regular season non conference game. This kind of electricity is exactly what you want.

  20. It’s truly his team now. Lebron has to give him the reins and let him take control

  21. Did you watch the game? That's what he did. He'd been trying to do that since Bubble.

  22. Man, you gotta be one of the worst commenters out there because I kinda started recognizing your name. When I go "Holy shit, that's an awful homer take," there is a high chance that it's you or that irelli guy.

  23. Honestly, 8-12 isn't great but it is still better than some thought they'd be lol. People were saying the Lakers might win 20 games. A decent trade could get them to the play-ins / playoffs.

  24. 6-3 in their last 9 games, could have been 7-2 were it not for that buzzer beater. There's definitely some hope for the Lakers fans but their schedule was also sort of easy.

  25. Portimao, Mugello, Turkey, Fuji, Sepang ... any would do!

  26. Holy shit! Thanks for this. I'd loved her so much in Mindhunter before Finch canceled it. This is nice!

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