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  1. Virginia Tech, where a student petition was required to start the university composting it's own biodegradable waste.

  2. I moved out of East Texas in 1992. First to Boone North Carolina and then later on to southwest Virginia.

  3. Umm The Wonderful Whites of West Virginia was a documentary, you can’t make that amount of crazy up

  4. They went out of their way to emphasize that "The whites don't represent most people in W.V." But I still think they added fuel to the eugenics fire.

  5. Exposing criminality is not the same as advocating eugenics.

  6. Dugdale would surely embrace the "Wild and wonderful whites" as more proof of his theories. It's a modern day version of the Jukes pretending to be an objective documentary.

  7. In Surry County, NC it’s anabolic steroids? How on earth are steroids the number one drug? Wtf?

  8. For many years, a strain called "Nigerian Sativa" was the only type that seemed to have mold resistance outdoors here in Southwest Virginia. I would come up from Texas and everyone had the same killer bud for many years.

  9. In Kentucky in the 80’s there was a guy named Johnny Boone who took Russian Ruderalis and crossed it to a Mexican sativa and grew commerical. It finished roughly mid to late sept and he/his crew planted in corn fields. The corn remains green until mid to late September and his strain let them get away with ACRES. That was the 80’s and 40 years later the “professionals” are only now getting to the point he was at regarding early flowering/mold/cold resistant strains for northern climates. Wild.

  10. I was a teenager in Illinois in the eighties. Overnight our brown Mexican weed was replaced with amazing Kentucky outdoor in the suburbs of Chicago. Early eighties sometime, maybe 1983 or 84..

  11. Yes, much like Transnational Fruit Companies (Chiquita) did to Cuban citizens during the country's banana/plantain production in the late 1920's.

  12. Yeah fruit companies run the central American countries like huge plantations.

  13. Imagine what our great great grandparents think of us today.Worshiping at the feet of our corporate overlords.

  14. Yeah, it's really sad. My boomer aunt was bitching because "no one wants to work anymore" "there are jobs everywhere".

  15. After the civil war, the Yankees started this story about the pilgrims being the first settlement in America because they did not want the origins of the country to be in the rebellious south.

  16. Cheap industrial food is a major barrier to permaculture. Food prices will skyrocket (already up 15% over last year) and people will have a serious motivator to start growing more of their own food. Fuel costs, hostile climate change and labor shortages are cited as reasons for the increase.

  17. That is exactly where I was coming from. Food will become more expensive and food shortages will become more common so people will be incentivisied to grow their own food - hopefully in a sustainable way.

  18. Detroit is pretty interesting. De industrialized in some former residential areas back to farmland. Growing food so close to the consumer has obvious advantages which will multiply as transportation costs go way up.

  19. Drove down to Texas from Virginia and they were the main road kill on interstate 20. But I could not identify what they were at first. Then my uncle asked if we had seen any hogs and I realized what those black globs were along the highway. Hogs and armadillos.

  20. More likely they came from farms. Feral hogs are just domestic hogs that got out. They revert to a less domestic state very quickly. There is some speculation that wild Eurasian boars have also been let loose for hunting purposes but there is no proof of that happening.

  21. If anyone can identify these guys by name, they need to be reported to the FBI and local authorities in AZ. They stated clearly that they are "hunting" people. That is a terrorist death threat.

  22. Yes, call the FBI so they can receive hundreds of thousands of dollars, job offers and fan mail like Kyle Rittenhouse.

  23. Yeah there was never a unified community. The more nihilistic crowd saw any form of success or notoriety as "selling out". And there is also a discussion there about the jocks who discovered HC punk as an outlet for their violent tendencies.

  24. Russian soldiers also raped a lot of German women after WWII.

  25. How can anyone even say this without mentioning the antecedent rape of thousands of Slavic, Jewish and Russian women by the Germans? It's this same talking point over and over, Russians raped but not Germans.

  26. Front wheel drive for sure and some light cable chains in the trunk. I used to have to run four chains on my Nissan Maxima but could go anywhere in the snow. The rear chains just keep the ass end from sliding out when you are on the worst ice or packed snow.

  27. Ohio had an amazing trolley car system. You can still see the old station stops along the modern road outside of Xenia.


  29. Politically, Tennessee is taking the Florida/ Texas route to Judeofascism. 70 something year old baptist mafia is still running the show there.

  30. If the workers aren't receiving a "living wage" then this is more like feudalism than an exchange of labor for dollars. Watch "Harlan county" and then tell me how the incredibly poor miners living in tar paper shacks are demonized into an "army" waging a "war".

  31. "Over time unions have changed conditions for workers. In 1935, the average auto worker took home about $900, while the United States government determined that an annual/month income of $1600 was the minimum on which a family of four could live in that year of 1935. In addition, working conditions were often difficult and unionizing efforts were resisted by companies. For example, General Motors (GM) spent $839,000 on detective work in 1934 alone 2 and used a group called 'The Black Legion' who employed various intimidation tactics against active union members. As a consequence of these policies, union organizers changed tactics and gradually the union gained strength."

  32. You have to start with the idea that Appalachia was a difficult place to farm. People came here for other reasons because there was plenty of flat land still around. The Scotch Irish originally settled in Pennsylvania but fled as soon as the surveyors came. Puzzled German settlers took over their farms wondering why they had done all of that work and then left.

  33. I really didn’t know PCP was popular. I have only done it once. I did lots of stuff in the 90s with plenty of acid that occasionally sent me to hell but the one time I did PCP with 2 other friends wasn’t even comparable. I remember a light euphoria that lasted about 20 minutes prior to our plunge into utter lunacy. The details of what happened were not fully realized until weeks later as we slowly pieced together the following narrative. A somber feeling of humility dawned upon us and we became naked before the Lord and had a serious meeting about the magic cigerette that would all save us. For some reason I felt it was necessary to to turn on the shower once the decision had been made. We were all wet and they were pissed at me for what they felt at the time was a attempt to usurp Jesus as the true redeemer. We laughed about it later because they were Jewish. The magic cigerette would simply appear and disappear and remained just beyond our grasp leaving us without an exit from the land where time along with our very destinies ran backwards. Ordinary objects took on a divine value and were used against myself as the false Christ and I retaliated against what I came to view as mutiny ( it was my apartment). My authority was clearly visible to them with the only thing I would wear. Looking back a dark blue ski mask was a poor choice and only reinforced their beliefs. Eventually around 9AM my landlord who lived above us bust in in response to a loud exorcism they attempted by etching out the holy cigerette with a large knife in the wall. Our landlord was pissed but he did sell us the drugs. We started coming down after he supplied us with cigerettes we felt held the holy spirit. When we found out that a whole week trapped in my apartment was just one night it made us take a dim view of this new deceiver but we never acted out our plans to punish this false prophet as we slowly began to realize we were all the true deceivers as we had all deceived ourselves although I refused to remove the ski mask until I was certain order was restored among the leavings of my apartment that was utterly destroyed. The next week they did help me fix it though.

  34. For some reason, PCP crossed over racial lines in D.C. Where it was mostly a "white suburban drug" back in the eighties. The knowledge of how to make it passed over to black chefs who made it one of the top street drugs in D.C. There are Literally hundreds of police responses a year for PCP users.

  35. I think that’s what our critical error was. We had a bag of it and just started bumping off fat lines. PCP was developed for the Korean war. MASH units were overrun with surgical patients and although the military had plenty of surgeons they had very few anesthesiologists. As a dissoaciative one was not needed and neither was any oversight during war. It was used on soldiers who desperately needed surgery in the absence of anything else. Ketamine was the replacement which is currently in use. Some of the docs I work with in the ER will use it on kids and a few adults. When it works it works but when it goes south in the middle of a procedure the only thing that can remedy the situation is restraints. Doing this to a child in the K hole is one of the worst experiences you can provide a child with and it leaves everyone involved feeling like a pack of criminals. It did come to a head a few years back when a parent assaulted a staff member. We now use the best dissociative for children there is- nitrous.

  36. We were told via dubious street knowledge that the only effective test to determine if someone was tripping on LSD was to do a spinal tap. Which seems so brutal that it must be true considering it was the eighties.

  37. The 5.8 is Richter Scale, what is most common measurement today. Still a big earthquake for around here but nothing like California.

  38. You cannot compare east coast earthquakes to west coast ones. The geology here transmits P and S waves with less loss of energy. A magnitude eight quake here is worse than an eight in California. But we won't get earthquake fever here either.

  39. He's trying to repeat the genocide of 1926 complete with deportations and grain seizures.

  40. "Warcrime" is far too narrow of a term for Russian atrocities. This term would exclude the planned genocides and famines such as the holodomor. Stalin killed between 20-30 million of his own people in the gulag and as many as 15 million more in engineered famines and ethnic relocations.

  41. I was living in east Texas. My renter Shane asked if his buddy could bring out the remainder of a keg from a bash he'd had the night before. I figured there was no harm in them drinking out by the pond so I said o.k.

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